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Like Alfaisal University, OCW content has been installed at a small number of mirror sites at educational institutions, and evaluation data show that these mirror sites are having a significant positive impact on teaching and learning in regions where these mirror sites are set up.
Technology limits the range in which a synchronous mirror site can be located.
But where do the tapes go if you don't have a mirror site and the original site loses power?
For example, if a file becomes corrupted, the system can locate a copy on a mirror site and replace the damaged file.
The instructions aren't terribly coherent to users not versed in code, but in essence the program allows you to make your own mirror site of your target, then replace selected words and graphics with words and graphics of your own.
Enhancements to Maven Central will begin October 19th when the mirror site in Europe will go live.
There is nothing for customers to install or upload, and no need to manage a mirror site.
com)-- With the rapid rise in cell phone / smart phone usage to access the World Wide Web, Business Money Today has developed and published a mirror site designed specifically for mobile phones and smart phones.
Some enterprising person opened up a mirror site which allowed more people to tune and see what the cult was all about.
CheckPoint HR transferred payroll processing to its operations, which included a data center and a mirror site in Clearwater, Florida.
com, a new site designed to direct any user to the best WikiLeaks mirror site in his or her area.