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Therefore, asynchronous mirroring is faster than synchronous mirroring but the secondary copies are slightly out-of-synch with the primary copy.
Using synchronous mirroring, data on one Nimbus appliance is seamlessly copied to a second standby appliance.
Mirroring is used for many mission-critical applications and it is the fastest way to recover data from a device or subsystem failure, since restore operations can occur in no more than a few seconds by switching to a mirrored copy.
Many customers with storage networks are actively searching for an affordable data replication solution that breaks the 'vendor lock-in' imposed by virtually all storage subsystem-based mirroring products," said Mark Spowart, President of StoreAge.
There are two types of mirroring techniques that may be used over a remote IP to establish a copy of the primary site data--synchronous or asynchronous.
Fortunately, a new generation of affordable data mirroring solutions has emerged that brings sophisticated DR capabilities to virtually any size organization.
Leveraging already-installed operating system software, CLARiiON Remote Mirroring significantly lowers the cost of ownership in comparison to competitive offerings.
Local and Remote Synchronous Rata Mirroring and Failover
NASDAQ:QLIX) has enhanced its Qualix DataStar data protection software for Sun Solaris systems by adding synchronous mirroring capabilities to the asynchronous mirroring architecture of the original product.
Performance: There are several ways to characterize the performance of a mirroring solution.
NET, a new international Web-site mirroring service of NETouch Communications Inc.