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Mirroring is used for many mission critical applications and it is the fastest way to recover data from a hardware device or subsystem failure since restore operations can occur in no more than a few seconds by switching to a mirrored copy.
This represents the most complete method to protect from human errors, software problems, hardware viruses and intrusions and data corruption and should accompany any mirroring implementation.
By offloading the mirroring process from both servers and storage subsystems and moving it into the network, multiMirror continuously replicates data from any storage device, to any storage device, at any location, either local or remote.
During initial set up of pre-disaster operation, synchronization of data between the two sites can be done using tape backups or local mirroring and shipped to the remote site, followed by a delta-sync process to facilitate minimal transfer of data over expensive WAN links.
We have worked closely with Microsoft to meet all of their development requirements, and used our years of experience in mirroring to develop a flexible, robust mirroring extension that maximizes an organization's investment in MCS," said Terry Dickson, vice president of Product Marketing, Legato Systems.
Using snapshot-enhanced mirroring to ensure data integrity and rapid recovery after a disaster or other disruption
CLARiiON Remote Mirroring gives our customers the added assurance that they can protect their data and ensure that critical revenue-generating applications continue running, even under disastrous circumstances.
Mirroring is a RAID technique for creating and maintaining identical data sets on different physical disks within an array.
Mirroring completion time: Because SAN-based mirroring is inherently higher-speed, replication operations are completed more quickly and with less interference to ongoing file services.
With mirroring the presence is thus always up and running, because server redundancy is built in.