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A mirthless bully who should have been buried in the depths of the night" - Playwright Alan Bennett on the late Lady Thatcher.
The answer rather depends on which end of his gun you happen to be looking at at the time" Columnist Jeremy Clarkson on the death of the man who designed the rifle named after him "A mirthless bully who should have been buried in the depths of the night" Playwright Alan Bennett on the late Lady Thatcher "There are people out there without a sense of humour.
While these quotations from the director often provide insight into his filmmaking goals and comic relief from the mirthless prose of academic writing, they also open up possibilities for critique and deconstruction, which the authors rarely pursue.
Everything centers on the extraordinary face of (protaganist) Gwynplaine, whose wide and mirthless grin inspired the Joker character in the original Batman comic books.
IT befuddles you noticing on the poster that this piece of mirthless mess is screenplayed by Hollywood gamechangers Joel and Ethan Coen.
She gives a dry, mirthless laugh, as if to say she didn't know this was an evening for intellectual slumming, where did this one come from, what sort of people are they calling to parties these days, gatecrashers.
The mirthless march towards merging with machines has showed no sign of abating since.
But the mirthless laugh is the dianoetic laugh, down the snout--Haw
Though Powell could endow even the driest of economic statistics with the gravity of a biblical portent of doom, in private he was very far from the mirthless haruspex of popular legend.
Yet the creative spirits haunting the place are strained and self-conscious; the largely mirthless fish-out-of-water jokes--as when Barnabas overreacts to a Karen Carpenter TV appearance, or politely disembowels a bunch of hippies--strand the film somewhere between Austin Powers and Addams Family.
8) The three sites with which we are concerned epitomized this trait: at Eleusis, one could find the Mirthless rock and the I'arthenion [Maiden Spring], as well as the Kallichoron [Well of the Beautiful Dances]; (9) at Thebes, the Kabeirion rock formation and two converging streams; (10) at Samothrace, various rock altars including the aforementioned last first century millennium rock altar beneath the Arsinoeion and two parallel-running streams.