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He shakes our hands in greeting, gives us a map to the sites, and sells us the HDTS catalogue while his friend stands nearby, looking at us and laughing mirthlessly but uncontrollably in the staccato rhythm of a machine gun.
Starting in a snivelling, shifty kind of pathos Keller develops a mirthlessly teasing fascination with Logan's ordeal and begins to savour the knowledge of his own power.
Script soon reaches its gross-out nadir in a mirthlessly protracted sequence that finds Bob trying to empty the RV's septic tank.
Every stereotype and racial and sexual clichA are mirthlessly exploited.
Worse, Jimmy's lame stunt of pretending to be a housekeeper as a cover (a mirthlessly unfunny opening number in Willis' feeblest comedy performance) is useless given that Jill is trying to rub out folks--presumably making them both big, fat targets.