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To bring the problem into sharper focus, marketers should factor in printing costs for materials that are misaddressed or undeliverable, he says.
Mailing to surety misaddressed allows potential survival of debt in bankruptcy.
Out of the blue I received a misaddressed postcard from the teacher of my freshman seminar at Stanford.
The largest response came from letters returned as misaddressed.
2) The individuals engaged in this transaction are in some way identifiable to each other--even as the caller of a wrong number and the recipient of a misaddressed letter are conscious of their interlocutors as specific human beings rather than as elements of some impersonal institution.
These are areas in which educators informed by research, statistics, and everyday observations about the realities of the popularly misrepresented and misaddressed phenomenon mislabled as "teen" pregnancy can make great contributions to policy reform.
It was luck that I got the annual report at all, for the package had been partially misaddressed.
Wescott, Professor Emeritus of Drew University [the misaddressed recipient], is listed at the University of Scranton, my institution.