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Analyzing a hearty scope of plays--including The Philanderer, The Man of Destiny, Misalliance, Mrs.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Diagram 9 Reeds 10 Apace 11 Spangle 12 Coo 13 Coleslaw 16 Kinetics 17 Ups 19 Penguin 21 Extra 22 Odour 23 Enthral DOWN: 1 Advance 2 Macaroni 3 Free 4 Arkansas 5 Berg 6 Isles 8 Misalliance 13 Chequers 14 Adultery 15 Assault 18 Apron 20 Nook 21 Eats QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Close finish 8 Woe 9 Ham 11 Amateur 12 Drive 13 Lap 14 Net 15 Tipster 17 See 19 Urge 21 Mass 23 Tone 25 Slur 27 Pub 29 Majesty 31 Amp 34 Bee 36 Roast 37 Topside 38 Par 39 Lid 40 Teacher's pet DOWN: 1 Coma 2 Leap 3 Species 4 Forest 5 Nudge 6 Shin 7 Have 8 Wales 10 Metre 16 Run 18 Emu 20 Rep 22 Arm 24 Octopus 25 Sharp 26 Beetle 28 Bleed 30 Attic 32 Moat 33 Pare 34 Bile 35 Edit
Misalliance; Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and the fate of South Vietnam.
2003 Rescue workers amongst the corn at the site of a small plane crash in a field near Broughton 2001 Police and Social Services remove the adopted Kilshaw twins from the Beaufort Park Hotel in New Brighton 1998 Famous Welsh Golfer Ian Woosnam discussed his round just after playing alongside the legendary Jack Nicklaus 1997 Til' Death Us Do Part star actress Una Stubbs appearing in Misalliance at Theatr Clwyd, as it was then known.
As it is easy to see, there are times when "like the" and "the most" belong to the same phrase, thus making up just one stylistic unit, as in the following from Misalliance:
And we did a national bus and truck tour with 'Glass Menagerie,' 'Death of a Salesman' and 'Misalliance' by (George Bernard) Shaw.
Warren's Profession", "Arms and the Man", "Candida", "The Devil's Disciple", "Major Barbara", "The Doctor's Dilemma", "Misalliance", and "Pygmalion".
et du tres contemporain acteur et chanteur MichaelFlanders dans Misalliance (1963) et son album At the drop of the Hat :
But the misalliance is only in the end a distrust of hybridity as an agent against impasse.
Culture and trade - marriage or misalliance?', by Dr Anna Herold, Europa Law Publishing, 2010, www.eui.eu
Season's Greetings/Birmingham School Of Acting present Misalliance by Bernard Shaw: Crescent Theatre, Birmingham.
Their deceitful, nagging misalliance launches a series of abrupt, highly charged conjunctions of live situations and elaborate fantasies (called dreams or thoughts) through which Andor elaborates his increasing disaffection as the Iron Curtain collapses around him.