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The data provided evidence similar to Bakhtin's carnivalesque feature of crowning and de-crowning of the king and carnival misalliances.
Through pretense, children adopted a hidden personal, secret, private enjoyment similar to the dualistic carnival misalliances Bakhtin described in Rabelais (1984b).
Clearly, they saw him as the redeemer of all their misalliances, the conqueror of incoherence, the spirit of synthesis in an anarchic family.
This one-hour drama starring rap artist Sir Mix-A-Lot concerns the sins and misalliances of the city's good and evil.
With each new generation, those who used to be closer in appearance to apes, or so the ideology of natural bestiality went, because of successive misalliances, looked more and more devilishly like apparitions of men.
Misalliances, we may concede, do occur,(12) but there are far more perturbing anomalies to explain.
Marriage, the hoped-for denouement of the short story of youth in Jane Austen's novels, turns out, in Brookner's late day, to be based on lies, misalliances, each couple a handwoven tapestry threaded with its own pattern of unhappiness.
But such transitional aesthetic misalliances are to be found in Latin America, in the South Pacific, and wherever indigenous cultures were glossed on the way to making new modernities.
The impulse to romanticize life that gives melodrama its allure, the playwright suggests, is also behind the ugly foolishness of war and the misalliances that self-deluded young girls are likely to make.