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A perfect marriage of crowd-pleaser and misanthrope, Silver creates a closed system, and that's the only appropriate environment for farce.
Art imitates life imitates art, as an encounter with a wealthy benefactor reinvigorates Moliere's imagination, and guides his quill to create such comedic pieces as Tartuffe and The Misanthrope.
Dulack's two acts of sophisticated banter--garnished with references to Matthew Arnold, Buddenbrooks and Albania as "the next Cote D'Azur"--resemble a "blend of The Misanthrope and Art, with maybe some Alan Ayckbourn thrown in," in Mooy's words.
And there is the turn-of-the-century solipsist and misanthrope James Ensor, whose "Schorisse" was the more cosmopolitan port city of Ostend, and whose ecstatically macabre masterworks, most famously The Entry of Christ into Brussels, 1888, seem to speak more directly to the edgy young painters of this fin de slide than do the more intellectualized formal achievements of his great French contemporaries.
Menander's nicety of touch and skill at comedy in a light vein is clearly evident in Dyscolus in the character of the gruff misanthrope Knemon.
His latest role, as Alceste in The Misanthrope - opening next month - is emphatically moral, whereas his previous outing, as the titular Tartuffe in the revival of the Playhouse's 2008 hit, was most decidedly amoral.
An extreme misanthrope may indeed hate the human species generally, but it does not necessarily entail psychopathy.
Keira Knightley - supporting actress in The Misanthrope - and Hamlet star Jude Law have also been short-listed for an award.
French costume drama Moliere fits the bill, but this fictionalised episode in the life of the author of The Misanthrope and Tartuffe is only showing at Cineworld Broad Street.
Mirain is currently touring with Wales National Theatre, performing Cariad Mr Bustl, the new Welsh-language translation of Moliere's 'comedy of virtues', Le Misanthrope Rhian Roberts said: "We are looking forward immensely to performat Ruthin festival in July.
Based on the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, Albert Finney (above) is outstanding as misanthrope Ebenezer Scrooge - a mean-spirited miser who gets shown the error of his ways by the ghosts of Christmas, past, present and future.
Some see him as a misanthrope, but not Nicholson, who was eager to work with the 41-year-old director.