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Jean-Pierre Fabre is sixty-seven, misanthropic, and hilarious -- and he's stuck in his hospital bed.
POND by Claire-Louise Bennett In a series of episodic sketches, a wryly misanthropic heroine ruminates on solitude, intimacy and the pleasures of food.
He suffered psychological and physical abuse from his father, yet this early awareness of injustice helped shape the author's misanthropic characters.
Let us end a misguided and misanthropic effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Joss Wyatt, a misanthropic high school sophomore, escapes the real world by creating avatars that she uses to engage in explicit online affairs which include graphic sexting and sex videos.
The book is a monologue by a wickedly misanthropic stand-up comic, and it's scurrilous, rancid, and very funny indeed.
Fans of both bands will like it--heavy and misanthropic. Remember, "A Friend Indeed is a Friend You Don't Need"...
Eldon Chance, he thought, "Oh no, not again." After eight seasons playing the misanthropic titular doctor on "House," Laurie believed he was "disqualified" from portraying another brilliant physician.
Russian journalist Alexander Kots tweeted a video Sunday evening allegedly from a Ukrainian neo-Nazi group called "Misanthropic Division." The 11-second clip appears to show several armed men in military fatigues and baklavas take responsibility for assassinating Pavlov, who commanded the rebel Sparta unit.
Steve Jobs is a companion piece to that film, another behind-the-scenes expose of a high-tech milieu -- and another look at a prickly, misanthropic man who transforms his industry (and the world) by refusing to listen to anyone outside his narrow 'vision'.
The ability to be rude and misanthropic and it will be excused as just a sign of being old.
The scant attention paid to this passage by the scholarship has mistaken it to mean that solitude is a misanthropic attitude, a misreading that serves a prevailing interpretation that Kant elevates communal interaction as the solution to moral turpitude.