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The Prime Minister of Ukraine stressed that both histories of Ukraine and Latvia "had dark pages which are the pages of Soviet occupation": "Taras Shevchenko was the man who struggled with imperialism, misanthropic regimes.
The ability to be rude and misanthropic and it will be excused as just a sign of being old.
The scant attention paid to this passage by the scholarship has mistaken it to mean that solitude is a misanthropic attitude, a misreading that serves a prevailing interpretation that Kant elevates communal interaction as the solution to moral turpitude.
With the help of her hunky American husband, Huckle, and her pet puffin, the rather Disney-esque Neil, Polly needs to save the bakery by avoiding the wrath of late Mrs Manse's misanthropic sister.
They have dealt with their appalling friends, family, Rob's career crisis, and the pressure on Sharon's bladder, all with a united front of misanthropic cynicism, dirty jokes and brutal honesty.
I had never met such a misanthropic, bigoted, antagonistic, sexist, suspicious human being in all my life.
Bill Murray fans will certainly adore his performance as a broke, boozing, gambling, misanthropic Vietnam vet who is somehow surviving on civilisation's thin ice.
Many artists express extreme anti-Christian and misanthropic views, and several of the genre's "second wave" pioneers have been convicted for church burnings and murder.
According to the Washington Post, the app is the work of programmer/"creative" Brian Moore and former Buzzfeed creative director Chris Baker, who seems to have specialized in vaguely misanthropic apps.
The misanthropic comic brings his latest There Is No Escape tour to Aberdeen's The Lemon Tree.
To the reader, Kennan seems to have been some kind of misanthropic malcontent.
Where'd You Go, Bernadette was one of 2012's funniest best-selling books and packed satire with a punch: its appearance in paperback will involve new audiences in observations of modern life, from modern parenting to technology, as it considers the relationship between quirky daughter Bee and her misanthropic mother Bernadette.