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No-one suggests that the existence and occasional misapplication of defamation laws or of the law of torts means that the laws themselves are fundamentally flawed in the sense that they undermine the democratic legitimacy of other, especially anti-discrimination, laws.
In case it wasn't obvious, Hemm's plea agreement points out that the money paid to the charter service "was not 'for business purposes related to the property' and constituted misapplication of ANB funds.
But the misapplication of the rules is another thing altogether.
Interestingly, until the Toyota incidents, pedal misapplication drew little attention, despite the fact many experts consider it the main cause for sudden-acceleration reports, the WSJ said.
the use of chillul Hashem and mesirah as reasons to avoid reporting sexual abuse by rabbis "is a misapplication of those laws'' [said Rabbi Yosef Blau of Yeshiva University], an opinion underscored by the Rabbinical Council of America in a resolution approved at its convention earlier this year.
The governor reportedly revealed that all departments under her authority will have to co-operate with law enforcement agencies over queries involving the alleged misapplication of funds to allow the matter to take its course through court action.
The EU's SOLVIT online service that attempts to resolve problems faced by citizens and businesses caused by the misapplication of internal market law without the need for legal action is still not sufficiently known to European citizens and small businesses, and MEPs are determined to make improvements in this area.
Rather it seems obvious that the misapplication of torture should be far less troubling to us than collateral damage.
The Secretary decided to issue this letter, following the release of a May 19 General Accountability Office (GAO) report that uncovered allegations of abuse and potentially deadly misapplication of restraints and seclusion techniques and a subsequent Congressional committee hearing on the issue.
The DAV has long sought the elimination of this inequity and fought the VA misapplication of its regulations through the court system.
The clear grease tubes provide a simple reliability solution to eliminating grease misapplication mistakes.
I have seen too many results swayed by careful and diligent misapplication of the laws.