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Weinstein does not only claim that the number of such misapplications is large enough to be worrying.
This would be a fitting tribute to Darwin, who--by all accounts--was a generous, kind man who resisted popular misapplications of his idea (e.
In a strengths-based approach, a "weakness" is a shortage or misapplication of talent, skill, or knowledge that causes problems for you or others.
Miltenberger provides applications and misapplications for each topic, key terms, practice tests, and chapter quizzes and has updated his materials to reflect current research and practice for this edition.
The misapplications will likely fall into one of two categories: 1) setup and/or approach with the tool is completely wrong, or 2) the insert selected is unsuitable for the application.
While the investigators found some misapplications of generally accepted accounting principles and a "lax tone with respect to GAAP compliance," they concluded that there was no intentionally misleading or fradulant manipulation of earnings reports to the investing public.
Deanna Gelak, executive director of the nonprofit FMLA Technical Corrections Coalition in Washington, says the letter "certainly provides some insight, but additional clarifications are urgently needed to address the range of misapplications [of the law].
They found that the Big Four often failed to find or didn't address misapplications of generally accepted accounting principles by audit clients.
When Christians listen carefully to what those in other religions are saying to us, their words serve as a sort of mirror, which provides greater self-understanding and helps ward off misapplications of our tradition.
In fact, this issue has been discussed at numerous scientific meetings in recent years, and has been well documented during the investigations of methyl parathion misapplications conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Hryhorczuk et al.
Minimizing herbicide use will mean less tracking, fewer complaints and a reduced risk of misapplications or spills.
Secondly, the bill is intended to cure misapplications of the cooperative mailing rule (CMR).