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Giving the court's principal judgement, the Chief Justice, Ms Justice Susan Denham, found the appeal court had misapplied the relevant rule.
It has been clearly and independently shown that most of the statistics of which we have been told have been misquoted, misapplied and distorted to produce a desired result.
The RMV eventually relented, saying that its staff had misapplied policy that prohibits hats or head coverings unless they're worn for religious reasons.
After discussing misapplied history, misperception, and pathological beliefs, he sets out a dozen lessons that have applied over many decisions.
As a result, one does not have to discard the container if a label is misapplied, as it can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.
The banks were alleged to have misapplied their payment to a balance for purchases they had made on their Platinum MasterCard that operated under a lower APR than the balance for a cash advance.
Prof Glenys Parry, chief investigator of the government-funded AdEPT (Adverse Effects of Psychological Therapies) study said that therapy does help most people but something that has got the transformative power to change your life, has also got the ability to make things worse if it is misapplied or it's the wrong treatment, the Guardian reported.
Thomas misapplied credit union funds by using an employee and the Social Security number of a credit union member to create a $16,500 loan advance in December 2007.
The report called HIPAA "often misunderstood, misapplied and over-applied in ways that may inhibit information sharing unnecessarily.
As a result, small-ticket transactions, such as those imposed on convenience stores and restaurants, skyrocketed under the misapplied law,'' the group's senior vice president and general Counsel, Mallory Duncan, said in a statement.
And second, given the scale of recording requirements placed on the police, when stop-and-search is misapplied, it is a waste of police time.
I see the the term Libertarian generally misapplied in the political sphere, all too often being borrowed by the most obnoxious of extremists.