misapplied name

See: misnomer
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(b) (a) New to the flora (b) Replacement name for misapplied name (c) Pleopeltis michauxiana (Weath.) Hickey & Sprunt, comb.
Five barcoded species revealed what are likely misapplied names to the Boulder Patch flora; the updated names include Ahnfeltia borealis, Phycodrys fimbriata, Pylaiella washingtoniensis, Rhodomela lycopodioides f.
In these notes, for example, we learn that there is still taxonomic confusion surrounding the small genus Forelius, with apparently misapplied names and a couple of undescribed species, and that the species occur in arid, open, habitats, out-forage other ants in the heat of the day, and make extensive use of trunk trails.