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An unelaborated endnote identifies Arnold van Gennep and Victor Turner as the source of the term and definition of liminal that Greene borrows to examine the "emplotments" and the social state of "bright mulatto and white mulatto women as centered subjects" in novels published "from the 1850s through World War I." But he distorts the term and misapplies it by quoting van Gennep and Turner out of context and by neglecting to explain that they are anthropologists who developed the language primarily to describe the second spatial and transitional stage of triadic rites of passage in tribal societies.
She frequently states, for example, that the central doctrines of Christianity are not negotiable--the full divinity and humanity of Christ, the Trinity, and so forth--while the bans on contraception and the ordination of women are not binding because they have not been "received." Although she's too polite to do it, to be logical she would have to repudiate Anglicanism, e.g., for its harbouring clergy and theologians who reject doctrines high in the "hierarchy of truths" (a phrase from Vatican II she likes to invoke but, I would say, misapplies).