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One of the adverts shows a poor-sighted surfer who takes an ironing board to the beach instead of a surfboard, while the second features a woman misapplying her lipstick.
Dissenting Judge Rhesa Hawkins Barksdale accused the majority of misapplying the law as it relates to "standing"--the right to sue.
As the play is pure fantasy in the first place, placing it in present-day requires little resourcefulness, and there's an irritatingly twee quality to this version of Shakespeare's tale of star-crossed lovers, fairies impishly misapplying their magic and happy endings for all.
He absolutely butchers Gerald Else's famous argument on the Poetics by consistently misapplying the terms hamartia and catharsis and failing to make any conceptual space for peripety in the movement of the tragic plot.
The TSA has blamed some of the problems on airlines, which are said to be misapplying the watchlist rules.
Some UPS shipping centers are refusing all firearms, erroneously misapplying their own rules.
Here Krauss is applying Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of heteroglossia and dialogic discourse - or rather misapplying it.
A+/Negative/--) of intentionally misapplying Medicare Secondary Payer rules in causing the filing of more than $20 million in false claims for reimbursement from Medicare.
was indicted in May 2014 on 18 felony counts of bank fraud, making false entries and misapplying funds of $550,000.