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4th DCA 1996) (emphasis in original) ("Motions for rehearing are strictly limited to calling our attention-without argument-to something we have obviously overlooked or misapprehended. The motion for rehearing is not a vehicle for counsel or the party to continue its attempts at advocacy.
First, the district court misapprehended the trigger of the duty to preserve information and documents.
In K2, American Guarantee sought reargument, asserting that the court misapprehended Lang and overlooked Servidone.
Any party may petition for a reheating upon a decision of the Supreme Court if an issue of law or fact appears to have been overlooked or misapprehended by the court.
Tamkin starts with a thesis stating that British policy towards Turkey during World War Two was misapprehended and misguided as Turkey's belligerency against Germany would only have been a burden on the Allied side and would not bring much benefit to them due to Turkey's military weakness and inadequate preparedness.
Other factors, some bordering on duplicity, some crossing that border, contribute to the fisheries crisis being masked, or misapprehended, which adds to the decline of marine biodiversity and ecosystem over-exploitation.
The relationship between science and faith has unfortunately been misapprehended by many as incommensurable and even conflicting.
The appellate court held that the plaintiff misapprehended which rule applied in the case.
It was asserted that the Minister misapprehended that Hungary was unaware of Zentai's presence in Australia until 2004.
The muses' bare feet at creek's edge misapprehended,
The Fishes are a political group that began ideologically with very good intentions to protect the rights of refugees and save humanity, but who have gradually misapprehended their redemptive mission and now dogmatically force their ideology through violence and terrorism.
The ratification dispute has been misapprehended since the days of John Marshall.