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In K2, American Guarantee sought reargument, asserting that the court misapprehended Lang and overlooked Servidone.
330 sets forth the necessary contents for a rehearing motion as follows: "A motion for rehearing shall state with particularity the points of law or fact that, in the opinion of the movant, the court has overlooked or misapprehended in its decision, and shall not present issues not previously raised in the proceeding.
The JCC's conclusions that the medical experts' opinions were legally infirm because of the lack of epidemiological studies linking endocarditis to ankle wounds, and her conclusion that no evidence established that the fatal heart infection stemmed from the ankle wound misapprehended the use of expert opinion testimony.
Other factors, some bordering on duplicity, some crossing that border, contribute to the fisheries crisis being masked, or misapprehended, which adds to the decline of marine biodiversity and ecosystem over-exploitation.
It is also applicable in situations such as at Bagram in December 2002, when agents of an occupying state simply misapprehended convention-based LOAC to permit techniques of inhumane treatment to a detainee's detriment.
The relationship between science and faith has unfortunately been misapprehended by many as incommensurable and even conflicting.
Columbus set out on a voyage that reached the New World because he misapprehended the distance around the globe to the Old.
The appellate court held that the plaintiff misapprehended which rule applied in the case.
The muses' bare feet at creek's edge misapprehended,
The Massachusetts court misapprehended this Court's decisions in Quill, Complete Auto Transit, and National Bellas Hess in other important respects: First, it erroneously concluded that the bright-line, physical presence test embraced by the Court for Commerce Clause purposes has no application in respect of income taxes.
The Bar is concerned that this court has misapprehended the nature of either the Bar's proposal or the nature Rule 4-7.