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Sanford prompts us to see a resemblance between "misapprehending of the structure of one's attitudes" and reversals of narrative plot insofar as both occasion a testing of the stakes of one's knowledge (169).
Strict liability can "overdeter": when even reasonable mistakes do not excuse, some uncertain actors will refrain from engaging in borderline conduct that actually lies outside the reach of the law out of fear that they might be misapprehending the real facts.
Such a feeling (call it an intentional feeling to distinguish it from bodily sensations) is a way of apprehending or misapprehending the world that we do not hold to the same standards of justification or appropriateness as we do beliefs or perceptions and that need not be exercised via particular sense organs.
In sum, while much is gained through focusing on entrepreneurial behavior and taking into account the circumstances under which behavior occurs, approaches that totally remove the entrepreneur from the equation run the great risk of missing or misapprehending the soul of the process.
Patrick is a wonder as the uproariously misapprehending Gerald, essaying the role with splendid panache.
92-20 raise the stakes for taxpayers' misapprehending (or, indeed, not being aware of) the propriety of an accounting method and, thus, undermine IRS's goal of increasing voluntary changes of accounting method.