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Wade (1) as the inchoative point of the abortion debate trajectory misapprehends the full scope and nature of the debate and unduly focuses on judicial actors.
This approach is wrong-headed because it misapprehends the legal and factual complexity of immigration-related claims that must be sorted through a criminal law screen ill-suited to assessing such matters.
For Wojcik, however, this view misapprehends the film's mise-en-scene, which is constantly shown as porous, permeable, opening the individual to social connections both trivial (chit-chat across the courtyard) and profound (as when the composer's music halts Miss Lonelyheart's suicide attempt).
This misapprehends both the nature of this parallel proceeding and the purposes of civil penalties," the paper quoted the Judge, as saying.
When she reads his handwriting as "MORPHIN3" rather than "MORPHINE", spelling out each letter aloud, and he indulgently confirms that the final "letter" is the number three, she misapprehends yet another one of Roy's linguistic signifiers and consequently returns with only three pills.
The proposed merger is, in Duquesne's view, also dilutive to ANR shareholders because the currency being used by ANR is its stock, and ANR's analysis of the thermal market is inappropriately rosy and overly simplistic because it misapprehends the dynamics and mechanics of the domestic power generation market.
It is contended that anxiety associated with the breakdown of modernist certainties in the last 40 or 50 years has created an impetus to define and measure child protection in a mechanistic and risk-averse manner, and that the dominant instrumental form of social science misapprehends the nature of child protection as "practice".
dissenting) ("[The concurrence] not only misapprehends this Court's 'judicial power' by defining it in an overly narrow fashion, but arguably manages at the same time to define this power in what some may view an overly broad fashion.
But you should know that you are asking me to write / the art of writing comedias in Spain, / when all that is written here is against the principles of art; / and that to say in how far those that are written now are / against the ancient style, and what the reason may be, / is to ask advice of my experience, / not of art itself, because art represents a truth, / which the ignorant mob misapprehends.
The Court reiterated that "qualified immunity shields an officer from suit when she makes a decision that, even if constitutionally deficient, reasonably misapprehends the law governing the circumstances she confronted.
Moreover, the United States misapprehends the "addition" of pollutant cases and the statutory framework in which those cases apply.