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If la vraisemblance represents a seventeenth-century form of ideology, it is perhaps not because "l'opinion du public" merely governs its function as Genette proposes, but because it postulates a structure of cultural narrative that causes social actors to misapprehend contingent events as universal truths.
In having an emotion one can truly apprehend such significance because one is properly tuned in to one's surroundings, or one can misapprehend significance because one is not properly tuned in.
Formulating the problem in such terms misapprehends the true nature of the rights asserted by the criminal defendant.
In short, the majority fundamentally misapprehends and misuses Hurst v.
3) Releasing tax returns as an aid in interpreting financial statements misapprehends the nature and policy objectives (and differences) of both tax and financial accounting.
Concerning the influence of Moore's wife, Marianne, I'm afraid Ramsforth entirely misapprehends the significance of the Boxing Day Holograph.
As to the second question, amicus TEI submits that Ohio's tax credit does not discriminate against interstate commerce and the decision below misapprehends this Court's Commerce Clause jurisprudence.
As such, it is neither productive nor ethical to engage in behavior that misapprehends and scorns the lifeblood of our profession.
misapprehends the nature of capitalism," and in The New Republic the ineffable Charles Krauthammer gravely reflected that "no one has yet accused the Catholic ethic of being a source of economic dynamism.
The brief argues that that the Franchise Tax Board insistence on an entity-based application of the credit within the context of California's unitary tax system misapprehends the design and purpose of the unitary business principle, and ultimately frustrates the goal of uniform and equitable tax administration among the states.
It likewise misapprehends the operation of California's research tax credit, and, in so doing, renders it inconsistent with unitary theory.
TEI continued that the lower court's decision misapprehends the design and purpose of the unitary principle, frustrating the goal of uniform and equitable tax administration among the states.