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Whatever misapprehension there was on the woman's part, we say he encouraged it and drove to a secluded spot in the west end.
Are such drivers simply forgetful, reckless, arrogant or do they live under the misapprehension that other drivers can read their minds?
The bishops' conference called it an "erroneous inference" but did admit that the same misapprehension appeared in "various national and international media outlets.
No-one should be under any misapprehension that legal highs are potential killers.
Just in case your readers are under any misapprehension, I should like to point out that local councillors do NOT get paid any monies when they stand down, or lose their seats.
I WOULD like to correct the misapprehension of a blonde lady on a side road near Maypole who was upset on the evening of March 13, thinking I had parked badly just to clean my car windows.
For those who may be suffering from the misapprehension that Irish success in thoroughbred breeding is something of a modern phenomenon, it is striking that in each case the outstanding winner of the quartet was an Irish-bred of exceptional merit.
If anyone was still labouring under the misapprehension that this is an edgy, radical and revolutionary music festival they would have probably - finally - changed their views when this year's headliners were announced.
She's under a total misapprehension that she's doing well.
Almost as many (16 per cent) are under the misapprehension that the UK Government will cover their medical expenses, including more than a quarter (26 per cent) of 15-24 year olds.
In our experience, there are many instances in which protesters may file a protest in good faith that is nonetheless based on either a misunderstanding of the facts or misapprehension of the law," GAO said.
Celebrating her misapprehension, Chronicle Books is releasing a tricked-out 25th-anniversary edition of Subway Art ($40), the graf bible she created along with photographer Henry Chalfant.