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The new title reflects how this book is about much more than a simple misapprehension of the Jesus character, and Robert M.
This increasing popular appeal is in no small measure due to the general misapprehension that exists in the minds of many about the standing of astrology as a 'science.' ...
Other creatures have their own quirks, so that each stage of the journey to the Pole is a winning mixture of practical preparation, misapprehension and whimsical insights into the animals' behaviour.
North Wales Police have now moved to dispel the "misapprehension" that Black Rock Sands in Morfa Bychan, near Porthmadog, is a private beach and that drink drivers cannot be prosecuted there.
But it should correct a public misapprehension. The problem of domestic violence may know no bounds, but it is not concentrated among professional athletes.
"Whether or not it was a misapprehension by a drunken victim, he led her to believe it was a taxi.
"It's a misapprehension that I am a Jack-the-lad wheeler-dealer.
There is something quite creative and liberating about that" Singer Lady Gaga on smoking pot Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman criticises contestant Patrick Robinson and professional partner Anya Garnis for a raunchy performance "No self-respecting MP is indifferent to the current contempt in which this House is held by so many members of the public" Tory MP Zac Goldsmith "It is a misapprehension that I am a Jack-the-lad wheeler-dealer.
I HAVE been under the misapprehension that the sparrowhawk's diet was sparrows or small birds, the racing pigeon fanciers say that they kill and eat their valuable birds.
Are such drivers simply forgetful, reckless, arrogant or do they live under the misapprehension that other drivers can read their minds?
The bishops' conference called it an "erroneous inference" but did admit that the same misapprehension appeared in "various national and international media outlets."
EASTENDERS BBC1 7.30pm One minute little Morgan (above right) is under the misapprehension that his dad is the President Of America - yeah, thanks for that Bianca - and the next, he has met his real dad Ray.