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Obama says he wants to revive Mid-East talks and overcome misapprehensions.
You know, there are misapprehensions about the West on the part of the Muslim world.
Blurred realities and misapprehensions push the literary giants towards seemingly unintelligible horrors.
WHILST it is disappointing to read that your correspondent Wazil Queelipap is "disturbed" by the popularity of the BBC's brilliant Doctor Who series, it's equally disappointing to see that his criticisms appear to be based on some laughably outdated misunderstandings and misapprehensions.
SIR - I would like to correct some misapprehensions in a letter from John Williams (Bird reserve lost, July 31), in which he expresses his concern that lapwings have been lost at the Baglan Moors.
For space that its partners will occupy, law firms typically prefer a single location to eliminate the possibility for misapprehensions of preferential treatment.
This paper clarifies eight misapprehensions about General Education from its meaning, content and the relationship with Specialized Education in the hope of having correct understandings to General Education and making its effect on higher educational reform.
Judge James Pyke said: "It would be wrong for the defendant to be under any misapprehensions as to the type of sentence she faces, but having regard to her age it is right the court should have all the information it can.
It's all a question of getting the various lovers paired off correctly, through a maze of misapprehensions and with the odd phrase like "You're amiserable git" adding modern British colour to the Spanish groundwork.
With a general idea of how to steer patients toward the right running shoe, it's worth now turning to specific messages physicians can deliver which Langer sees as necessary to help overcome certain conceptual misapprehensions among the running populus.
ECUSA presiding bishop Frank Griswold, for his part, said he and other ECUSA leaders "sought to give a full and accurate picture of the present state of our church, and to dispel a number of misapprehensions.
RT: It doesn't really bother me to be the object of misunderstandings or misapprehensions of the art machine.