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He said: 'Over 26,000 wheat bags were stolen or misappropriated from Khalique Floor Mills, Gambat, and two FIRs have been lodged and the case is under trial.
We lend our support and co-operation to Kazakhstan Kagazy as they look to return Au100m of allegedly misappropriated assets to Kazakhstan.
BEIRUT: Former Prime Minister Salim Hoss announced that a financial scam, in which his name was misappropriated, was foiled Monday.
Boylesports claim Crowley deliberately failed to lodge money taken at the shop with the bank, and misappropriated money for his own use.
In addition, the legislation will facilitate the exchange of information between EU member states and the relevant authorities in Tunisia and Egypt so as to assist in the recovery of misappropriated funds.
According to the agency, Tamara Moon, a former registered sales assistant at a Smith Barney branch in Palto Alto, California, misappropriated USD749,978 in funds from 22 customers over an eight-year period.
But she had misappropriated a further EUR415,961 between October 2008 and November 2009 by means of laser cash withdrawals of EUR715.
He admitted that he had abused his duty of collecting revenue and misappropriated Dh49,000.
9m) had been misappropriated from the St Vincent Ferrer Church during Fr Skehan's tenure and that of his successor, Fr Guinan.
A disciplinary action notice reporting the one-year suspension of Wadie Anthony Zacca of Miami for failing to properly supervise an employee and comply with trust accounting rules and procedures in the November 1 News erroneously stated that the majority of the misappropriated funds were connected to "Zacca's personal mortgage transaction.
Nearly 7 billion yuan were misappropriated at 56 central government departments and their subsidiaries, while another 7.
Even though he claimed average annual returns of 27 percent since at least 2002, Gilabert concealed the fact that he had lost most of the investors' funds and that he had misappropriated investors' funds throughout most of GLT's operation.