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shall take such action as is deemed necessary to protect the integrity of the Certification Program, including without limitation further oral and written contacts with the misappropriating person, suspension of membership in NPCA, and appropriate remedies through legal action, including litigation to obtain a cease and desist order and/or monetary damages.
Prosecutors also charged the suspect with misappropriating, for his own benefit, 266 DVDs with pornographic content.
They have been charged with misappropriating funds at exclusive Delray Beach's St Vincent Ferrer Church, allegedly spending it on property, trips to Ireland, holidays, gambling and women.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Visto Corporation has filed a legal action against Microsoft for misappropriating Visto's intellectual property.
is suspected of misappropriating public funds with the help of the head of the Pittsburgh Film Office, according to search warrant affidavits obtained Wednesday.
Protect your trade secrets, avoid misappropriating the trade secrets of others, and use e-mail and Internet services appropriately.
Around 18 people are suspected of misappropriating bank funds worth $ 2.
BOSTON -- A former Boston investment adviser was sentenced on Thursday, October 31, 2002, to a term of imprisonment on a federal charge of misappropriating client funds in violation of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.
Brown, a Santa Clarita pool contractor, and Simi, a former Antelope Valley Hospital board member, denied misappropriating funds and counter-sued Kennepohl.
In August, 2001, Arch sued, accusing the defendants of misappropriating its trade secrets.
BOSTON -- A former Lanesboro, Massachusetts postmaster was convicted today in federal court of misappropriating postal funds.
During the trial, Greenlin was accused of misappropriating Neves' money, among other misdeeds against the real estate developer.