misappropriation of funds

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PESHAWAR -- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has approved inquiries against officers of the FATA Secretariat, Malakand finance department and Peshawar Cantonment Board for their alleged misappropriation of funds reserved for a polio programme and other corrupt practices.
The Osh regional court has launched a criminal case into forgery, power abuse, misappropriation of funds and abuse of authority by employees of commercial or other organizations after violations in construction of a kindergarten in Akjar village of Uzgen district, the General Prosecutor's Office reported.
Following the approval of the enquiry by NAB, the officers of Directorate of Health Services FATA will be investigated for their alleged misappropriation of funds kept for polio eradication programme in the tribal areas.
A top ODM official has denied claims of misappropriation of funds by the party's executive.
The former premier and head of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has been in jail since February 8, when a lower court convicted her for misappropriation of funds meant for orphans.
The petitioner further alleged that Gul was involved in misappropriation of funds during his previous tenure as a senator and had utilised developmental funds through his brother.
The documents also called into question financial transparency of the project, validating fears raised by the opposition parties and other quarters in the province regarding alleged misappropriation of funds by local influential and government favourites owing to the massive scale of the project and the inability to directly monitor it other than relying on lower staff of the KP Forests Department.
The NAB board has decided to investigate alleged misappropriation of funds by the NGOs and INGOs,' said a press release issued by the NAB headquarters.
He called to open an international investigation into the corruption in the region during the years after the occupation of Iraq, explaining that the leadership of Massoud Barzani wasted nearly one hundred and thirty billion dollars, stressing that the Kurdistan Parliament supports the campaign against corruption, which Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said he fired with the aim of overthrowing corrupt heads and those involved in the misappropriation of funds through the exploitation of administrative and sovereign positions.
Two senior University of Cyprus (UCy) administrative officers have been suspended after they were charged in connection with misappropriation of funds relating to research programmes in which the institution had either taken part or headed.
Verma, who has also submitted transaction statement of the particular bank account, further called on the CoA chief to refer the case to CBI in case there is a misappropriation of funds.
The court heard the petition filled by Mohammed Jafar Memon and Misri Khan against fake memberships, misappropriation of funds and other matters in Hyderabad and Malir Press Clubs.