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"The auditor found that there is a high risk of misappropriation due to the lack of controls around the storage and issue of materials in relation to road defects.
0.4 million to the completely damaged house and Rs.160,000 to the partially damaged house, however, in the distribution process there were reports of the misappropriations in the distribution process.
Now, under the DTSA, an aggrieved party will have access to federal court for trade secret misappropriation claims, without having to first establish independent federal jurisdiction by tacking on an additional federal claim or showing diversity of citizenship.
If you primarily serve small businesses, your clients statistically are most likely to be damaged by asset misappropriation. If your clients are large, the greatest risk is fraudulent financial statements.
PESHAWAR -- Government Primary School Faiz Ullah Koroona Shorkot Dera Ismail Khan, Chairman PTC has been arrested by Anti-Corruption Department for misappropriation of funds allocated for missing facilities in the school.
The PAC adopted the stance of severe irregularities and misappropriations in Barani Area Project II and no one is here to ask questions in this regard.
In District Peshawar war 26 Akhun Abad, ward 28 Hazar Khuwani II and ward 56 Mashu Gagar are included in which alleged misappropriations while demarcating the councils took place.
Both accused were allegedly involved in misappropriation of 5,890 wheat bags amounting to Rs.17, 670,000/.
A committee consisting of Arif Abbasi and Raja Rashid Hafeez with Ijaz Khan in the chair, will look into the complaints of rigging and misappropriations in PP-6, PP-10 and NA-54 and would recommend leadership appropriate measures to be taken in this regard.
Asset misappropriation is a kind of fraud involving the theft of the assets of an organization by its employees, management or third parties.
ISLAMABAD -- The audit report of alleged corruption and misappropriation of Rs.
The Act will create a federal private civil action for the misappropriation of trade secrets and provide trade secret owners the ability to request for an ex parte seizure under certain extraordinary circumstances.