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160,000 to the partially damaged house, however, in the distribution process there were reports of the misappropriations in the distribution process.
Now, under the DTSA, an aggrieved party will have access to federal court for trade secret misappropriation claims, without having to first establish independent federal jurisdiction by tacking on an additional federal claim or showing diversity of citizenship.
If you primarily serve small businesses, your clients statistically are most likely to be damaged by asset misappropriation.
The committee also expressed strong anguish and reaction over the theft and misappropriation of pipes worth Rs 5.
In District Peshawar war 26 Akhun Abad, ward 28 Hazar Khuwani II and ward 56 Mashu Gagar are included in which alleged misappropriations while demarcating the councils took place.
This action resolves the SEC informal investigation of the Company concerning the misappropriation of corporate funds by our former CEO," declared Malcolm M.
Both accused were allegedly involved in misappropriation of 5,890 wheat bags amounting to Rs.
A committee consisting of Arif Abbasi and Raja Rashid Hafeez with Ijaz Khan in the chair, will look into the complaints of rigging and misappropriations in PP-6, PP-10 and NA-54 and would recommend leadership appropriate measures to be taken in this regard.
dba Zutopia in Santa Ana Federal Court for trade dress infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, fraudulent business practices and misappropriation of trade secrets.
Changez Khan Jamali said that these cases included illegal appointments by Khalid Islam, former Acting Research Chairman PCSIR during his tenure, embezzlements / misappropriations by Mr.
The committee directed for provision of record of the misappropriations in the contracts including of C&W in tribal areas as well as conduct of audit on various issues.
A committee that monitors the relationship between the Episcopal Church of the United States (ECUSA) and the Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico (IAM) has issued a statement on financial difficulties stemming from the misappropriation of funds by two Mexican bishops.