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MISBEHAVIOUR. Improper or unlawful conduct. See 2 Mart. N. S. 683.
     2. A party guilty of misbehaviour; as, for example, to threaten to do injury to another, may be bound to his good behaviour and thus restrained. See Good Behaviour.
     3. Verdicts are not unfrequently set aside on the ground of misbehaviour of jurors; as, when the jury take out with them papers which were not given in evidence, to the prejudice of one of the parties. Ld. Raym. 148. When they separate before they have agreed upon their verdict. 3 Day, 237, 310., When they cast lots for a verdict; 2 Lev. 205; or, give their verdict because they have agreed to give it for the amount ascertained by each juror putting down a sum, adding the whole together, and then dividing by twelve the number of jurors, and giving their verdict for the quotient. 15 John. 87. See Bac. Ab. Verdict, H.
     4. A verdict will be set aside if the successful party has been guilty of any misbehaviour towards the jury; as, if he say to a juror, "I hope you will find a verdict for me;" or "the matter is clearly of my side." 1 Vent. 125; 2 Roll. Ab. 716, pl. 17. See Code, 166, 401; Bac. Ab. Verdict, I.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She posted: 'Unfortunately we live in a country where the more you misbehave, the more popular you get'.
It may show normal behaviour at certain times or misbehave at other times.
YOUNG people want schools to be tougher on children who misbehave, research has found.
He said: "I would misbehave during prayer as well and would be hit after."
Kids who regularly misbehave and get into trouble at age 7 and also display traits termed "callous-unemotional" frequently stay on a troubled course until at least age 12, according to a new investigation described February 20.
A child who doesn't get approval and encouragement may think the only way to get attention is to misbehave. She may misbehave because she feels discouraged.
It is always the children who misbehave and cause trouble, pain and distress to others that get rewards.
MISBEHAVE on New Year's Eve and you'll end up seeing the New Year in from the inside of a police cell.
Hordes of teenagers, some known as Emos, hang out in the park at weekends but despite pleas from police not to misbehave, some are still getting drunk and leaving litter.
ELECTRIC dog collars which issue a shock when pets misbehave must be banned, according to a Midland MP.
"I like a play to misbehave as it progresses," Harrison adds, grinning mischievously.