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Therefore, it is anticipated that the cumulative effect of these body-worn cameras would lead to a drastic drop in complaints of misbehavior, seeking gratification and imposing illegal fine.
While school administrators and teachers have traditionally handled student discipline, some school districts in Texas over the years have allowed school police officers to deal with certain types of misbehavior by charging students with Class C misdemeanors, a practice commonly referred to as student ticketing.
Most recently, there's a lawsuit filed by a veteran sergeant who intends to sue the city under the state's "whistle-blower" law for allegedly harassing him and forcing him into early retirement after he challenged what he calls pervasive misbehavior within the department.
Rethinking misbehavior and resistance in organizations.
When it comes to implementing certain security measures, schools are relying not on student misbehavior and crime statistics but on what they see--namely, the color of their students' skin.
Chronic misbehavior alone defines conduct disorder in the current edition of the book that doctors use to define mental ailments.
ISTANBUL, Dec 8, 2010 (TUR) -- The 31st meeting of the Council of Europe (COE) Standing Committee of the European Convention on spectator violence and misbehavior at sports events and in particular at football matches began in Istanbul, Turkey on Wednesday.
Stressing the need for taking action against drivers and conductors of local buses for their misbehavior, women traveling through these transport said the negative attitude of the conductors and driver is beyond comprehension, adding despite the right to travel on half fare the female students are charged with full ticket.
But we are not talking about perfection here; we are talking about widespread misbehavior that is repeated from time to time.
The Discipline Foundation Policy requires that all schools adopt a schoolwide system that engages administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members in intervening and correcting misbehavior.
good-behavior tenure could be removed for misbehavior.