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One approach to behavioral intervention is Positive Behavior Support (PBS), which emphasizes and reinforces expected behavior while providing a proactive and objective mediation for misbehavior (Landrum & Kauffman, 2006).
Top judge also expressed displeasure on the misbehavior of policemen deployed at the post with daughter of Khawar Maneka.
The remaining five factors of conduct reconstrual, advantageous comparison, non-responsibility, distortion of consequences, and attribution of blame were retained; therefore, these five mechanisms were adopted in the present study as the predictors of student misbehavior in physical education.
Hollick, "An analytical model of routing, misbehavior and countermeasures in mobile ad hoc networks," in Proc.
Despite the apology, public voices are growing for serious punishment, as the country is angered with the misbehavior of Cho Hyun-min, a former Korean Air marketing executive and Chairman Cho Yang-ho's second daughter.
Misbehavior node in the network is detected by Neighbor node Trusted concept (NNT) and Selfish node identified by Time interval between the node.
This paper proposes a novel analytical model to analyze and validate a saturated IEEE 802.11 wireless network employing BEB or EIED backoff algorithm in case of existing misbehavior nodes.
These disciplinary practices largely aim to keep students in the classroom and modify student behavior by equipping students with the knowledge and support systems to address the root causes of the misbehavior.
Janet Sternberg, Misbehavior in Cyber Places: The Regulation of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet, Lanham, MI: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012, 213 pp., $20.69 (hardcover).
Abdul Ali Haleem told Pajhwok Afghan News that the governor had assured the doctors the individuals involved in misbehaviour would be arrested and punished On Saturday, hospital staff including senior doctors went on strike against security forces' misbehavior and intimidation at the hands of illegal armed individuals.
Beginning in September, students who engage in such levels of misbehavior will face discipline in a different manner.