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Their misbelief blinds them much as it blinded Jocasta and Oedipus, and their fate, so long postponed, comes at last in a violent rush.
His strategy for eliminating negation appeals, however, not to falsity but to misbelief.
Table 1 Lay Christian Counseling Approaches Category Examples Active Listening Stephen Ministry Cognitive & Biblical Counseling (Larry Crabb) Solution-Focused Misbelief Therapy (William Backus) Integrated Cognitive-Behavioral Approach (Siang-Yang Tan) Inner Healing Elijah House (The Sandfords) Shiloh Place (Jack Frost) Francis MacNutt Pastoral Care Ministries (Leanne Payne) Mixed AACC Biblical Counseling Freedom in Christ (Neil Anderson) Exchanged Lives The Ancient Paths Theophostic Ministry Category For Further Information Active Listening stephenministries.
For a comprehensive discussion of Muslim views on Jewish sects, see Wasserstrom, "Species of Misbelief," and now, Between Muslim and Jew, 64ff.
42) When one party to the contract has a systematic misbelief that a default is more favorable to them than it is in fact, we are likely to see a low propensity to contract around the default.
There is a misbelief, fostered by opposition groups, that a company like ours can simply put a genetically modified product on the shelves of supermarkets without any hindrance.
54) Hesnard attacks this threatening, recrudescent misbelief because, as he ruefully admits, as yet (1591) no other learned Protestants have taken up the challenge.
Officers hold another common misbelief that most conversations over the radio are routine and disclose nothing that a criminal could use to put them in danger.
Contrary to the common misbelief that there is no effective medical treatment for ET, so-called beta-blockers such as propranolol and primidone often suppress the tremor and improve the functional disability.
Stantum is demonstrating that -- contrary to widespread misbelief -- multi-touch is possible with a cost-effective resistive touch-panel platform," said Chris Crotty, director of small and medium displays research at DisplaySearch, a leading provider of information, consulting and conferences on the display supply chain and display-related industries.
The Scottish Male Osteoporosis Group has been created to dispel the common misbelief that only women suffer from the bone-wasting condition.
It adopts a design that constitutes a partial replication of Braud's ALGERNON study (Braud & Schroeter, 1983), but with subjects under the misbelief that their reading is being produced by a human agent.