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Misbeliefs cause social discrimination against epileptics5 since childhood.
For both mother and son their infamous ironies constitute one measure of their misbelief.
It is evident that the unknown, disbelief, and misbelief are parts of our lives that are influenced by our surroundings, other people, and our culture.
See for example Roy Gottfried's and Sebastian Knowles's Joyce's Misbelief (2008), Mary Lowe Evans's Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company (2008), and R.
After articulating various myths surrounding L2 writers and writing programs such as the misbelief that they are easy to identify, Miller-Cochran writes that WPAs are responsible for taking steps in "gaining an understanding of the linguistic and cultural influences that affect students and their written language" (217).
327) Nichole Hogg also addresses the common misbelief that women did not participate as perpetrators.
The inconvenience of OC-related bleeding and the misbelief that bleeding is an indication of poor efficacy are frequent causes of OC discontinuation, said Dr Gittler.
2) The subjectivist thesis: A negative judgment is not simply equivalent, but is reducible, either to a judgment that some other judgment is false or to a misbelief.
The villagers are averse to the idea of latrines due to the misbelief that the latrines are meant for city dwellers where they lack open fields.
It's a common misbelief that it's an act of kindness being in a relationship with someone to avoid upsetting them.
Tan (1991, 2002) has incorporated Biblical Counseling and Misbelief Therapy into his basically cognitive-behavioral model of lay counseling.
The generalist who has known her for years and believes that her fear of living with stroke damage outweighs even her fear of dying might honor her belief even if he judges it a misbelief.