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These connotations may be seen in the lists of terms associated with the noun form of sectarian, "person who is narrow-minded" ("adherent, bigot, cohort, disciple, dissenter, dissident, dogmatist, extremist, fanatic, henchman/woman, heretic, maverick, misbeliever, nonconformist, partisan, radical, rebel, revolutionary, satellite, schismatic, separatist, supporter, true believer, zealot") and with the adjective form of sectarian, "narrow-minded, exclusive" ("bigoted, clannish, cliquish, dissident, doctrinaire, dogmatic, factional, fanatic, fanatical, hidebound, insular, limited, local, nonconforming, nonconformist, parochial, partisan, provincial, rigid, schismatic, skeptical, small-town, splinter").
Consider Mayor's discussion of the First Crusade: "What was decisive was their [weapons and tactics] sacralization and their use by warriors serving a holy cause and prone or authorized to view their enemies as less-than-human misbelievers deserving of depersonalized killing.