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In his Memoirs, he describes how, about the time he made the momentous discovery of the work of Walt Whitman, he also began to study the evolutionary theories of Darwin and Spencer, and came to see them as a means to reconciling the findings of science with his deepest and most personal religious experience, so that "I could spin my own cocoon with more of congruence to my particular temperament than I discerned in other believers, misbelievers, passionate believers, of the ancient and the modern schools" (247).
In the video a Kosovo Albanian, introduced as Abu Muqatil Al-Kosovo, said "misbelievers" in the Balkans would face "horrible days".
They are persecuted as unorthodox, banished as misbelievers and sacrificed as heretics.
Hakluyt's apology for trade with the misbelievers indicates some of the themes which can be discerned in the play.
The reason, he writes, for the global Christian-Muslim tension is that "for [non-Muslim] misbelievers to rule over true believers is blasphemous and unnatural, since it leads to the corruption of religion and morality in society....
(4.) This may seem a perverse use of the word 'ideal.' Consider Mayor's discussion of the First Crusade: "What was decisive was their [weapons and tactics] sacralization and their use by warriors serving a holy cause and prone or authorized to view their enemies as less-than-human misbelievers deserving of depersonalized killing." Why Did the Heavens, p.32.
"God permit me vengeance upon these evil ones who have ruined France -- alas, they are the cause of my great misery." The pro-Catholic bent of this plaint not only buries the horrible immorality of Conde's murderers, it enjoins other noblewomen to lament the troubles perpetuated by Protestantism and ends by begging God to aid the kin g in vanquishing the misbelievers.