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But we miscalculated somewhat, because we had no idea about the conditions, he said.
It means settlements handed out by the courts may have been miscalculated.
July/August), I miscalculated the filing fees for two of the three examples for the American Arbitration Association (AAA).
THOUSANDS of people will receive another tax statement in the coming weeks after information was miscalculated twice.
Until the council admit that they have badly miscalculated, the situation can only get worse.
As the top export and import trade partner for Ukraine, Russia clearly miscalculated in its dominant approach with Ukraine.
They believe the Canadian miscalculated his jump and hit rocks.
Lavrov, in a phone call with US Secretary of State John Kerry, warned against the consequences of any miscalculated Ukraine-related measures against Russia, the foreign ministry said in a statement.
Miscalculated Feelings Zuzana Karasova Privately Published
The council's ruling means that students whose scores were miscalculated may have a shot at getting into better high schools.
11 ( ANI ): In an embarrassing 'hi-tech device gone mathematically incorrect situation', Microsoft's new Surface 2 billboard shows a miscalculated budget plan for a Hawaii vacation, even after the use of Excel.
Around 300,000 Barclay's customers are to receive compensation after the bank miscalculated the interest owed on personal loans.