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BUNGLING bosses at insurance giant Aviva have landed shareholders with a bill after miscalculating windfall payouts to thousands of customers.
This is one of the reasons we support the inclusion of marine protected areas as an insurance policy against miscalculating the harvest allowances,'' said Joe Geever, Pacific Fisheries coordinator for the American Oceans Campaign, a conservation group co-founded by actor Ted Danson.
We believe critics may be miscalculating both the company's potential to generate revenues, and its ability to cut operating costs vis-a-vis those of traditional ISPs in recent years.
But administrators overestimated the savings by miscalculating the work hours of many of the temporary employees.
The price of miscalculating customer's needs and their specific behavioral patterns are greatest within large vertical markets like financial, insurance, retail and telecommunication and these are the corporations leading the surge in CRM.