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Ernest was madly impatient to be out in the world and doing, for our ill-fated First Revolt, that had miscarried in the Chicago Commune, was ripening fast.
The bold attempt had miscarried by a fortuitous circumstance; and unless by some exceptional event, they could now never reach the moon's disc.
In this opinion he was seconded by the surgeon, who gave so many reasons for bleeding, and quoted so many cases where persons had miscarried for want of it, that the squire became very importunate, and indeed insisted peremptorily that his daughter should be blooded.
Too much miscarried with him, this potter who had not learned thoroughly
Raffles sat frowning with a pregnant eye, and it was only too clear to me that his plans had miscarried.
In a word, I told them I would go with all my heart, if they would undertake to look after my plantation in my absence, and would dispose of it to such as I should direct, if I miscarried.
I told him that had not my effects miscarried, which, by the way, I magnified pretty much, I might have been fortune good enough to him to have kept us from being parted in this manner.
On the fourth day, Rachael, with unabated confidence, but considering her despatch to have miscarried, went up to the Bank, and showed her letter from him with his address, at a working colony, one of many, not upon the main road, sixty miles away.
But the couple, who lived in Glasgow at the time, were devastated when she miscarried.
A couple of days later I miscarried for a third time.
Louise Pollard, 28, took PS5,000 from Winston Kaba and wife Debra, forged a doctor's note confirming she was pregnant and then claimed she had miscarried.
On the day of the assault she had expected to give birth, but miscarried in the months leading up to the incident.