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However, the study found that women who took a daily multivitamin before conception and through early pregnancy were less likely to miscarry than women who did not.
Ninety-eight per cent of twin pregnancies that did not miscarry were not growth restricted.
Tokyo police arrested a university hospital doctor Tuesday on suspicion of drugging his pregnant girlfriend with a hormonal agent and causing her to miscarry, the police said.
Chemicals in tobacco smoke can cause a whole range of problems - from there being a 26 per cent greater risk that the mother will miscarry or experience a stillbirth to the baby being born at a smaller birth weight.
A MIDLAND drink-driver who caused the death of his friend, and a pregnant girl to miscarry, when he crashed into another car has failed to get his jail term cut.
Staffordshire woman Karen Clayton, an auxiliary at Good Hope Hospital, is aiming to raise awareness of the need for more research into why women miscarry.
Besides chromosomal abnormalities, women miscarry because they have immune responses that disrupt implantation, blood-clotting problems, physical abnormalities with the uterus or cervix, or hormonal imbalances.
Women in the highest-exposure group--with a mean concentration of 53 ng of DDT per gram of serum--were twice as likely to miscarry within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy as were women in the lowest group, with a mean serum DDT concentration of only 16 ng/g.
Women who miscarry often encounter insensitivity to their grief, even from health care professionals, who may tell them they can simply try again and have another baby.
One hundred went on to miscarry and 197 had normal pregnancies.
State Department document reports that pregnant women in the camps have been forced to undergo abortions or beaten until they miscarry.