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MISCASTING. By this term is not understood any pretended miscasting or misvaluing, but simply an error in auditing and numbering. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4128.

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But if Priestley were alive today, he could not possibly accuse Roper of being miscast in the touring production of An Inspector Calls, which ends its run in Wales this week.
Much of the criticism was directed at the star, the gifted but completely miscast David Shiner, a professional clown and alumnus of the renowned Cirque du Soleil.
Conflict over the presidential election erupted as many residents of -- County, Florida, complained that poorly designed ballots caused them to miscast their votes.
The sentence was miscast and should have read that the HPV test is more effective at detecting underlying disease than use of the Pap smear alone.
Though I read the book many, many years ago, my recollection is that Caro's theme and characterization of Robert Moses was probably miscast and that he, Robert Caro, misunderstood Bob Moses.
The IMF is written off as a thoroughly miscast institution, not appropriate for the tasks for which it was assigned by the West.
A popular health newsletter also miscast the Iowa study.
There's Always Good News: Hopefully miscast is so common that it's a treat to spot it right side up, as in this citation: "Orlando magazine writes hopefully of luring the 'arts and culture' set to central Florida.
But Reynolds is miscast and static, while Mirren gamely gambols about him with a mannered Austrian accent.
Director Lindsay Posner has badly miscast Richard Schiff as testosterone-fueled movie exec Bobby.
THE much-loved 2000AD character Judge Dredd received a woeful movie makeover in 1995 with Sylvester Stallone seriously miscast as the futuristic lawmaker.
William H Macy (above) is also miscast in the Americanised version of Shameless US (More 4, 10pm).