miscellaneous collection

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But I don't travel about with a miscellaneous collection of eighteenth-century historians
Mr Squeers then proceeded to open a miscellaneous collection of letters; some enclosing money, which Mrs Squeers 'took care of;' and others referring to small articles of apparel, as caps and so forth, all of which the same lady stated to be too large, or too small, and calculated for nobody but young Squeers, who would appear indeed to have had most accommodating limbs, since everything that came into the school fitted him to a nicety.
observed Miss Mowcher, standing at the chair again, and replacing in the bag a miscellaneous collection of little objects she had emptied out of it.
I have often wondered what would happen when all its niches were filled with paintings of the Toms, Dicks and Harrys of today, for such its miscellaneous collection seems to be.
For years I've used a miscellaneous collection of sandbags: cloth, nylon, military surplus and, from time to time, even foam plastic blocks.
A very miscellaneous collection of all-things-green here, so let's just jump right in.
But they were also consistently impressed with the way he could draw in readers by bringing together what might otherwise seem to be a miscellaneous collection of observations and tales.
A miscellaneous collection of essays may help persuade us, if further persuasion is needed, that the old narratives have lost much of their explanatory power; what it does not do is give us fresh metaphors for the reality we inhabit.
A miscellaneous collection of characters gather to tell a story - to conjure a woman; one that will define and challenge them, love and incense them.
La Trobe's 1854 gift is a miscellaneous collection of non-fiction prose works.
Without a records management program guiding the organization and disposition of active and semi-active records, an archives program will not receive a comprehensive, reliable, and authentic body of records, but rather a miscellaneous collection of varying value and usefulness, transferred on an ad hoc basis according to individual interests, priorities, and workloads.
In fact, in this miscellaneous collection Braudel figures less as a focus or target than as a peg on which to fasten reflections on the topics suggested in the primary title.

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