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The Miscellany was the result of chapbook versions of Burns's poems being available, rather than these being published with the stated aim, from the beginning, of collecting them into a volume.
Two new performers have recently joined the Miscellany family.
Yet, despite the accumulation of information about individual miscellanies, we are still left rather in the dark when it comes to understanding the nature of the miscellany itself; this wood is becoming more and more populated by individual trees, but its geography and boundaries continue to elude us.
The references in the 'Epistle Dedicatory' to the text having been 'both begun and finished at such times, when a Countrey life had abstracted me from a more profitable study' (37) plus the note that the miscellany as a whole was printed for the author in 1657 make it clear that this is an Interregnum piece (rather than a newly printed Renaissance piece).
The whereabouts of any "original" miscellany between the time of Kurbskii's death in 1583 and the emergence of multiple miscellanies in Russia in the 1670s still cannot be established, but a newly discovered document mentions that Marina Kurbskaia donated some Ruthenian books to the brotherhood of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius in 1611 (90).
Perhaps most importantly, the book offers analysis and description of other late medieval texts excerpted in the Carthusian Miscellany, including the Travels of Mandeville, writings of Richard Rolle and Thomas Hoccleve, the Prick of Conscience, Henry Suso's Horologium sapientiae, and William Flete's De remediis contra temptaciones, along with medieval dramatic texts including the Towneley Resurrection pageant.
Cannibals and Christians (New York: Dial, 1966), miscellany.
And ends up winning - yep - Wolves the Miscellany by John Hendley.
The people he showed it to thought it was great and so he decided to carry on finding more material for his first book, Schott's Original Miscellany in 2002.
Anyone, from the general to the private or the historian to the military enthusiast, will find A Military Miscellany informative and inspirational.
BENJAMIN DISRAELI'S MEMOIR OF HIS FATHER, PREFACED TO THE POSTHUMOUS fourteenth edition of Isaac D'Israeli's remarkably successful antiquarian miscellany Curiosities of Literature (originally published in 1791), underlines his parent's intense bookishness, calling him "a complete literary character, a man who really passed his life in his library.
Divided into sections discussing theory, practice and engineering applications, miscellany, downforce, economics (in particular the problem of keeping costs down), The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook is a "must-have" for experts and aspiring experts in the field striving to keep their knowledge up-to-date and who need immediate access to a thorough and detailed reference to a complex and technical subject.