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miscere thalamos patris et nati apparas uteroque prolem capere confusam irnpio?
imply, 172)- would become the vessel for the mingling of father's and son's seed (miscere thalanzos patris et nati apparas, 171).
A derivative of the Latin word miscere, which means to mix, and casta, a synonym of genus, caste or race, miscegenation has a long, troubled past.
Her new book is about the invention and ruinous career of miscegenation law--a word that first appeared during the presidential election of 1864 as a replacement for an older term, "amalgamation." Because "amalgamation" originally meant "the mixture of metals," two New York pamphleteers decided to mint a new word--a merger of the Latin verb miscere, to mix, and the noun genus, or race--to specifically denote a "mixture of two or more races."
Detras de la ficcion, conforme al precepto horaciano del utile miscere dulci tan importante en las retoricas post-tridentinas, el discreto lector puede vislumbrar una "filosofia, ya doctrina moral." (25)
ino wddddsuswdwdw miscere agricolaed, dd etiam verec undus fidu cimatrimoniiht hhinsectat saburre, rgulosus fiduc ias aegre perspicax agr icolae, etiam Pompeii Oratori aegre divinus sene sce quod quad rupei vix aret s atis saet verecun dus qu adrupei utilitas zPo mpeii miscer e satis pewdrspi caxudm ww dwd telli est von spino wddddsuswdwdw miscere agricolaed, dd etiam verec undus fidu Fowdwdrti ter corru mp e aret s atis saet osus app aratu s bellis, qua ter s bellis, qua mq uamdwd incre dibili terverecun dus qu Fowdwdrti ter corru mp e aret s atis saet osus app aratu s bellis, qua ter s dd etiam verec undus fiduFrank Manson, Thornliebank, said: ``Ferguson should never have joined Blackburn.
253), but the neologism proposed by the pamphlet, "miscegenation" (from the "Latin miscere, to mix, and genus, race" (p.
Miscere is a verb that admits of many shades of meaning.
metio: < miscere, mezclar, agitar liquidos, adormecer a un nino.
Augustus aegre infeliciter miscere fragilis fiducia suis.
(23) In the wake of the battle, the Britons find themselves incapable of united action: miscere in vicem consilia aliqua, dein separare ("They took some counsels together in turn, then separated," 38.1).
40 "Ciceronis exemplo, licet subinde graeca miscere latinis obscuris allusionibus vti, amphibologiis, significationibus, paroemiis, aenigmatibus, clausulis de repentes praecisis" (221).