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It gets to be most extreme vital for the client have a line of resistance on the off chance that they experience a mischance. Deadly wounds to the cerebrum are a vital explanation for passings because of the street mischances.
A succession of mischances leaves sixteen year old Ellie stranded on a remote Scottish island.
I have let mischances befall instead of good fortune.
The spectacle of "The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge"--the full main title of the novel--challenges Hardy to devise a perspective adequate to the contemplation of destructive passions and the mischances of life.
The final book of the Metamorphoses, in my opinion, shares with New Testament writings the hunger for spiritual renewal and a sense that change is in the air, that the time has come to take some drastic and even dangerous risks in order to avoid being drawn into the evils of the age ("Save yourselves from this corrupt generation," Acts 2.40; (8) "...grant me rest and peace from the cruel mischances I have endured," Met.
Her philosophy would be best expressed by Tolkien's Eowyn, in her response to the Warden of Gondor, the master healer who laments that "the world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them." Eowyn points out that "It needs but one foe to breed a war, not two [...].
"The whole appears to resolve into this," he writes, "that Man is originally 'a poor forked creature' subject to the same mischances as the beasts of the forest, destined to hardships and disquietude of some kind or other.
The six months leading to the 20 July 1944 are a chronicle of divided opinions, snatched meetings, unforeseen pitfalls, missed opportunities, aborted briefings, delayed trains, fog-bound aircraft, cancelled journeys and other mischances. Tension grew as the military situation became more desperate: on 6 June 1944 Allied Armies landed in Normandy and almost simultaneously the Soviet Army overwhelmed the German Army Group Centre in the east with the loss of 28 divisions.
Here we have a dead rabbi; I would prefer a purely rabbinical explanation, not the imaginary mischances of an imaginary robber" (107) all have a latent aesthetiazed content, as does Lonnrot's meeting with Scharlach, Scharlach's machinations "labyrinth"--"I have woven it and it is firm; the ingredients are a dead heresiologist, a compass, an eighteenth-century sect, a Greek word, a dagger, the diamonds of a paint shop"--which Lonnrot finds an inappropriate combination since ultimately they fail to cohere; "In your labyrinth there are three lines too many"--appear as an apt image as the system of Law as Chance, as ever mobile polyvocal desire.
In the well-trodden halls of stories of musical mischances, the grand scale of Robert Lloyd's bass could have been consigned to bathroom operettas or amateur productions conducted after labouring over dusty, ancient texts as an academic historian.
And the Bairns were left to rue their mischances in 33 minutes when the visitors grabbed the lead.