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I have let mischances befall instead of good fortune.
Or did life-light decline from her years, And mischances control Her full day-star; unease, or regret, or forebodings or fears Disennoble her soul?
by whatever name, with whatever rite, in whatever image it is meet to invoke you; defend me now in the uttermost extremes of tribulation, strengthen my fallen fortune, grant me rest and peace from the cruel mischances I have endured.
A series of mischances turn him into a reluctant sex guru, who steals his sayings from porn actress Heather Graham.
The spectacle of "The Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge"--the full main title of the novel--challenges Hardy to devise a perspective adequate to the contemplation of destructive passions and the mischances of life.
Her philosophy would be best expressed by Tolkien's Eowyn, in her response to the Warden of Gondor, the master healer who laments that "the world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them.
Man is originally 'a poor forked creature' subject to the same mischances as the beasts of the forest, destined to hardships and disquietude of some kind or other," Keats wrote in a letter to his brother and sister.