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The ambassador added, Unfortunately unprincipled, xenophobic politicians have sought to build their political fortunes by spreading fear and deliberate mischaracterization of people of other faiths or culture.
brewing industry, was a gross mischaracterization of our company's intentions.
For example, all Congregationists are "Puritans" into the 1780s, a mischaracterization as bad as the misplaced polemics against, first, Jonathan Edwards and, then, Joseph Bellamy.
mischaracterization of revenue from negative-margin, low-end hardware sales
Romney toned down his rhetoric Thursday after his aggressive criticism of the Obama administration s reaction to the crisis led to several negative headlines and complaints from within his own party that he had made an ill-timed mischaracterization of Obama s handling of rapidly escalating events.
Karamargin says the hiring was approved but they won't use him anymore because of the emails and Crnokrak's mischaracterization of his relationship with Chancellor Ray Flores.
Vernon points out that friend and foe alike would agree that this was a total mischaracterization of the man.
Another key mischaracterization found in the EPA estimates and other recent reports, such as a study led by Cornell University professor Robert W.
It is a mischaracterization that we have this laissez-faire" attitude, he said.
This article argues that, owing to a widespread mischaracterization of the substitutivity principle Russell means to be defending, neither the puzzle itself nor Russell's solution to it has been well understood.
While CSPA acknowledges, as the study points out, the presence of regulated VOCs in some products, it vehemently disagrees with the author's mischaracterization of information regarding the hazards associated with those VOCs, Not all ingredients are volatile, and not all volatile ingredients are hazardous.
There's a potential for the misuse of information or the mischaracterization of harmless events as potential threats," says an ACLU attorney.