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Ghana's exceptionalism is simply due to its mischaracterization by Freedom House as a full democracy rather than flawed democracy as appropriately characterized by the Economic Intelligence Unit.
It's less important that a statement is a mischaracterization, or even an outright and easily provable lie, if it motivates voters and supporters.
(Wu himself is not guilty of such a mischaracterization.)
The complaint claimed there was mischaracterization in the way the station handled its political advertising file and was filed by the Georgetown Law Institute for Public Representation on behalf of several nonprofit organizations.
In response, Mistry issued a statement saying Tata's letter was a combination of "misrepresentation and convenient mischaracterization".
For example, on page 44 she claims media stories not only exaggerated the amount of crime during this decade, but also joined in the mischaracterization of its perpetrators as being animals.
evaluate funds based on the specific level of 12b-1, management, and other fees, potential mischaracterization of fees may lead them to invest in funds that they would not otherwise have selected," Fleming said.
As a result, I find Nancie Loudon Gonzalez's mischaracterization of Sanders as "one who promises to bring about a utopia" and her comparisons of Sanders to Donald Trump to be both counter-factual and troubling ("Carnival or Campaign?
Garrett's rather uncharitable characterization (or mischaracterization) is difficult to square with I.
General Assembly, while slamming attempts by unprincipled politicians to build their political fortunes by spreading fear and the deliberate mischaracterization of people of other faiths or cultures.
This has so far gone unchecked and unfortunately unprincipled, xenophobic politicians have sought to build their political fortunes by spreading fear and deliberate mischaracterization of people of other faiths or culture.
"Deloitte has been deeply committed to the state of Texas for over 40 years, and flatly rejects the mischaracterization of our work for the Office of Attorney General," spokeswoman Courtney Flaherty said in a prepared statement.