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Deval Patrick Tuesday added his voice to those who continue to mischaracterize Arizona's new law.
For too long the Right has been allowed to mischaracterize us spiritually and morally," said Urvashi Vaid, director of the Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which helped organize the roundtable.
BP has been aware of post-incident tests for some time, but has chosen this late date in the litigation to mischaracterize the results of such tests.
To mischaracterize and not correct for three months this misuse the Governor's name strikes at the very heart of our government system and should be of great concern to the people of the commonwealth and the members of the legislature.
I mean, I'd prefer you just ask them directly about their positions, because particularly on this subject, it's quite a sensitive issue, and I don't want to mischaracterize their views," Blake said.
SEATTLE -- We consider it unfortunate that Kraft has chosen to make public statements that we believe mischaracterize the nature of the agreement between our companies, including the term of the agreement.
The generic drug industry's lobby continues to grossly mischaracterize BIO's position on follow-on biologics.
A front-page Washington Post story today cited an anonymous Pentagon source who reportedly "felt compelled to share the information out of concern that groups opposed to ending the ban would mischaracterize the findings.
The article's analysis used an unusually low discount rate to attempt to mischaracterize the benefits and omitted any mention that the partners pay taxes on those payments.
The media reports surrounding the DePauw University Delta Zeta Chapter are inaccurate and mischaracterize the situation.
It is one thing to have bad intelligence, it quite another to mischaracterize that intelligence.
Not only does it mischaracterize and unfairly disparage the work and motivation of the Commission and Commission Chair Mary Frances Berry, but it also simply gets its facts wrong.