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There is clearly a political process under way in these newsrooms to mischaracterize what's happening with this antiwar movement in order to support the Bush administration's drive toward war' said Damu Smith, co-founder of BVP.
These statements, in Microplane Division's view, misstate the relationship between Grace and products offered for sale by Browne, as well as mischaracterize the nature of the Grace product sold under the MICROPLANE trademark by what appears to Grace as the use of an inaccurate and unfair comparison of the Browne product relative to that of The Microplane Division.
President Masood Khan said, "India has tried to deliberately mischaracterize its aggression to hide its crimes against humanity in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.
Now, it seems, some liberal politicians may be stumbling as they seek to present the common good as a progressive value even as conservatives mischaracterize its meaning.
Wilchins should not mischaracterize the efforts of the hundreds of transgender activists and allies who have worked tirelessly to ensure that both gender identity and expression are protected.
For you to mischaracterize AFSA's stance, and then use that straw man as proof of the legendary snobbery of the Foreign Service just isn't fair.
As Wine Institute President John De Luca puts it, "the label is an essential educational component of our public policy mission to counter efforts in some quarters to mischaracterize wine as a 'gateway drug' and a 'sin' that warrants higher taxes, trade limitations, and advertising restrictions.
Deval Patrick Tuesday added his voice to those who continue to mischaracterize Arizona's new law.
For too long the Right has been allowed to mischaracterize us spiritually and morally," said Urvashi Vaid, director of the Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which helped organize the roundtable.
I mean, I'd prefer you just ask them directly about their positions, because particularly on this subject, it's quite a sensitive issue, and I don't want to mischaracterize their views," Blake said.