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[USA], Apr 21 ( ANI ): Oscar-winning star Natalie Portman, whose decision to skip a very prestigious honour in Israel has been "mischaracterized by others", has explained her side of the story.
Goodell said giving that up the status has eliminated a "distraction" and that the exempt status has been "mischaracterized."
The Soros-funded organizations "fed off each other," the Times reported, creating what the paper described as an "echo chamber" within social media and the mischaracterized "mainstream" press.
In comments submitted earlier this month to the federal Surface Transportation Board regarding rail revenue adequacy, the National Grain and Feed Association claims that railroads had mischaracterized the degree to which a competitive rail marketplace currently exists.
Davis told reporters that Abbott's campaign "got his facts wrong" and mischaracterized the fee.
In my 12 terms as Kate's predecessor in the Massachusetts legislature, I have had some of my votes misrepresented or mischaracterized by political opponents, and I assure you that it is not easy to refute all of the lies and half-truths.
Davis told reporters on Wednesday that Abbott's campaign "got his facts wrong" and mischaracterized the fee.
Those news reports have mischaracterized JadooTV's involvement and the content offered on JadooTV's IPTV platform.
This volume is the result of a 2006 conference at Leiden U., the Netherlands, focusing on issues of cultural exchange and the circulation of writers, poetic forms, and ideas in premodern South Asia, thematically suggesting that movement, change, and contact between "traditions" was the norm, rather than fixity and purity, as much previous Indological study has mischaracterized the subcontinent's cultural production.
Deputy Economy Minister Behruz Alishiri announced the new UNCTAD number--but mischaracterized it as a rise rather than a fall from the previous year.
Norman Bethune is mischaracterized in the letter as well.
The bipartisan group said the September study mischaracterized the asset management industry and in some places relied on faulty information, and that the report could threaten the credibility of the Treasury Department unit that published it.