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Oscar Wilde's 1893 play Salome, the only one of his works to be written in French, was subsequently translated into English by Wilde's friend, Lord Alfred Douglas, in a manner judged by Wilde to be marred by "schoolboy faults" and published accompanied by illustrations that sensationalized and mischaracterized the play, yet this translation has long remained the basis for English-language productions of the play, which perhaps not coincidentally has enjoyed far greater popularity in the non-English speaking world.
Many plastic products appear to be mischaracterized as being EA-free if extracted with only one solvent and not exposed to common-use stresses.
ISLAMABAD, May 13, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The US Embassy on Thursday said that some media outlets have mischaracterized statements by US Ambassador Cameron Munter at the University of Sindh on May 10 to imply that individuals with certain names are not eligible for US visas.
ISLAMABAD, May 13, 2011 (Frontier Star): Some media outlets in Pakistan have mischaracterized statements by U.
10 issue, NCR staff writer Joshua McEl-wee unintentionally mischaracterized Berrigan's relationship with the late Jesuit Fr.
Un fortunately, during the financial crisis, the two often have been mischaracterized, and it is important to make distinctions between betting and hedging.
Don Casturo, a Goldman Sachs managing director, said, 'The role that is played by non-traditional participants such as index investors and other financial participants often has been mischaracterized.
City/Region: A headline on a brief on Page B3 Monday mischaracterized the person wanted for killing seven elk out of season in Douglas County.
Because I know, firsthand, the commitment that Lilly's leadership places on providing an environment of inclusion, I am disappointed and concerned about a recent BLACK ENTERPRISE article that mischaracterized and factually misrepresented a legal matter ("Race & Gender' February 2008).
I'm pleased you liked Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage enough to call it "brilliant," but you so mischaracterized my argument that several people urged me to contact you [Paper Trail, April 8].
SAN JOSE -- Tessera Technologies claims recent questions over a handful of the chip-packaging firm's patents mischaracterized the process and the patents' validity.
This disorder is so poorly understood and mischaracterized to begin with that making insensitive comparisons between its symptoms and the behavior of politicians only serves to perpetuate stereotypes.