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[Unfortunately] one of my quotes inadvertently mischaracterizes my views.
Blumenauer mischaracterizes my proposal as helping only those who drive to work.
"The report mischaracterizes facts and does not appear to take into consideration the input provided by the FDA," an FDA spokesperson said in a statement.
Respondents claim that the text of the motion as submitted by Enforcement Counsel mischaracterizes a witness's declaration.
INGAA argued the decision "mischaracterizes the Commission's policy and, if not clarified or vacated, would create significant new rights for capacity holders exercising ROFR mechanisms."
They suggest the actor's concerns stem from a recent National Enquirer story that "mischaracterizes the book."
But in the book he mischaracterizes me very badly, mischaracterizes the election.
After providing a definition of "slave society" that mischaracterizes the position of Moses Finley, Stinchcombe alludes (p.
De Duve grossly mischaracterizes himself as a historian, or, as he says, a "slow critic": historians do not write directly from Kant's or Hegel's propositions.
Bayles gets dates wrong, spells names wrong, misidentifies what album songs appear on, badly mischaracterizes the sounds or careers of bands, and makes critical howlers that smack more of ignorance than opposing critical judgment.
Morgan Stanley analyst David Lewis noted that the New York Times published an article that claimed Johnson & Johnson "lost its motion on Wednesday to reverse a jury verdict" that awarded $4.69B to women who blamed their ovarian cancer on asbestos in the company's talc products, but he believes this mischaracterizes the situation.