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It is ironic that KR would describe an effort to enforce international sanctions against Iran as "political," at the same time it is mischaracterizing its business decisions as public safety measures.
The Daily News does its readers no favors by declaring that merely discussing an idea is enough to doom charter reform or by mischaracterizing the views of commissioners in order to attack them.
We consider the substantial shareholder support of ratification to be especially gratifying given the Parsons' exorbitant campaign mischaracterizing the stock grant program as some sort of illegal action.
Paul metropolitan area continued to work for a negotiated agreement on a contract covering their local janitorial employees, even as the labor union representing the janitors issued inaccurate public statements mischaracterizing the companies' proposals.
Among the complaints outlined in yesterday's action are Fair Isaac's contentions that the credit reporting agencies are using false and misleading marketing and advertising claims to promote adoption of the score offered through VantageScore, and that the credit reporting agencies are mischaracterizing Fair Isaac's credit scores.
The News-Press fully expects the union to live up to its reputation by hurling accusations, attacking usual business practices, mischaracterizing the facts and spreading outright lies about its intended target.
Unfortunately, these efforts fail to address the real problem (lack of insurable interest) and also have the unintended consequence of mischaracterizing life insurance premium finance loans as life settlements.
Unfortunately, SEIU-UHW has chosen to take the Mediator's recommendations out of context, mischaracterizing them," says Dr.
signals a victory in their ongoing patent lawsuit against Ecast, grossly mischaracterizing the nature of the current legal proceedings between the two companies, according to Gerald Dodson, Ecast's attorney.
Grass also criticized Global's press release for mischaracterizing discussions between Global and Golden Cycle.
Ahmanson concluded, "Washington Mutual has produced information that is not credible with respect to its own prospects for achieving merger benefits, and has now moved on to miscalculating and mischaracterizing Ahmanson's proposal and prospects.