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Transactions between S-corporations Treasury has determined that the income tax consequences of mischaracterizing equity instruments as debt in these circumstances are limited.
This time, Justice Breyer charged Chief Justice Roberts with mischaracterizing and unsettling precedents dating back to Swann v.
So, to recap: AARP, provides the crucial support for a plan that establishes choice, then it explains the plan to its members by mischaracterizing it as a single-payer option, and the payer whose plan it touts forks over a tidy sum in return.
The language, neutrally represented, humorously oscillates between variation and repetition, inevitably mischaracterizing Saddam's last possessions--the obsessive identification of which dramatizes a commercial transformation of banal objects into newsworthy events, as geopolitics descends into personal-interest story.
Floyd Prozanski for mischaracterizing his record during the 2004 campaign.
The California superintendent of education and even the National Science Foundation official in charge of financing the new math initiatives of the 1990s launched a campaign mischaracterizing the new California standards as a return to rote memorization and other evils of "traditional" mathematics teaching, as if pedagogical style were the issue.
The consequences of mischaracterizing agents can be quite onerous for a brokerage, in terms of overtime compensation and other benefits that might be owed to employees unlawfully categorized as independent contractors, and income, unemployment insurance and social security taxes that might be owed to the government.
"Industry pundits tend to misguide you," continues Iwaki, "by mischaracterizing the Wintel solution as 'open' and the Sun solution as 'proprietary.'" Methinks he has a point.
Church & State has done its readers a disservice by mischaracterizing the school choice article by Adam Meyerson from the January/February issue of Policy Review ("America's Public School System: Is It An 'Evil Empire'?," February Church & State).
"That's like saying your right to free speech is not protected it you speak Navajo," laughs Junger, "the other big mistake he made was in mischaracterizing software as being a device like a telephone circuit, and therefore not expressive.
Tehran, Oct.1 ( ANI ): A Tehran jury has declared international news agency Reuters guilty of 'propaganda against the regime' for mischaracterizing female Ninja students as assassins.
The company producing it said critics are mischaracterizing it.