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Maybe, just maybe, he might take the advice of one member of the press corps who mischievously suggested a drug therapy charity in view of the name of the horse whose performance at Naas prompted the initial running and riding inquiry.
They reckon Roman Abramovich's billions could be managed much better by such as England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson,AC Milan's Carlo Ancelotti, Bayern's Ottmar Hitzfeld or ,most mischievously, Arsenal's Arsene Wenger.
It has also been mischievously suggested he could plump for Notting Hill - the West London suburb where he bought a house with a loan arrangement that led to his resignation from the 1998 Cabinet.
Francis was voted Blues' greatest player, best striker and cult hero while, mischievously, the best St Andrew's goal was revealed as Peter Enckelman's howler in 2002.
It was another triumph for the mischievously mock-malicious host, who wasn't slow to point out the confusing moral responses of his audience: they tut-tutted when he made a joke about Gail Porter losing her hair, but cheered at the prospect of Gary Glitter being executed by a firing squad.
Hats off to reader Michael Kelly who, fed up with previous knockbacks, mischievously sought to get pounds 75 e/w on an 8-1 shot in a big betting race (16-1 elsewhere), knowing full well that the horse had suffered a fatal fall the previous day, as reported in the Post.
In a sense, he is like a cultural semi-otician drunk with narcissism, gladly seduced by the power of reason to remap the world in relation to the rules of the unconscious, but aware that all of this is only a fiction set loose by a new mythological iconography, one that is deceptively accessible but mischievously unutilitarian.
SHANE WARNE has mischievously kept his Ashes options open by refusing to categorically rule himself out of a shock comeback next year.
One that certainly must not be overlooked comes from Frank Welbourne, as the mischievously unpredictable Brassett who scores heavily with his conversations with the audience.
Attention had been drawn to Campese's presence when the BBC, aware of his arrival, mischievously invited him to make the `Team of the Year' presentation at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
Wiener's small-to-larger-than-life-sized toys mischievously scamper across categories, boundaries, and definitions, not in order to cultivate confusion or to repeat some fashionable deconstruction of binary oppositions--beginning with that between sculpture and installation--but simply because they embody an excess of energy that is both physical and psychological.
A BOY of five died after falling into a frozen pond while mischievously chasing ducks and swans.