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Come on, my hygienic model, and let us see you," said her uncle, with an approving glance, as she walked in, looking so mischievously merry, that it was evident she enjoyed the joke.
she asked, half mischievously, and then, "Is she very tired?
cried Zarathustra mischievously, "why dost thou spoil me with such praise and flattery-honey?
Williams stated a preference for facing Burgess over Joseph, who can be an elusive runner, and when it was put to the 26-year-old former Bradford Bulls and South Sydney Rabbitohs forward, he mischievously asked for the name of the critic to be repeated.
In recognition of their longevity, the club are also nicknamed Der Dino and have a dinosaur mascot which the players have mischievously nicknamed Hermann, after long-serving physiotherapist Hermann Rieger.
Some voters may mischievously look forward with glee to the chaos this will cause but not for a long time has it been so important that this General Election produces a clear winner so that the country can be governed positively and strongly .
LAST night's prequel mischievously linked a fictional conspiracy to sterilise the entire human race to the 1979 vote of no confidence in the Labour Party which would ultimately lead to Margaret Thatcher's election victory.
She also mischievously offered Ed Miliband tips on eating a bacon butty after his embarrassing photoshoot.
Despite the overwhelming temptation to mischievously borrow a line from its first weather update - "Dull, misty start" - it's far too early to say whether ITV's Good Morning Britain will be any more of a success than Daybreak.
Judith Watts, a PhD researcher in the University of Reading's Mills and Boon archive said that the material from the manuscripts was taken rather mischievously by the publishers and editors and the notebook was for their own amusement.
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra began with a short Roxy Music set mischievously delivered in the style of Duke Ellington.
Mischievously, one might suggest, prime development land in Cardiff Bay has been pinpointed, close to both the new BBC studio and the Senedd building.