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This unique design exudes mischievousness, playfulness, and an undeniable charm.
Solskjaer's post-match rhetoric at the weekend had a touch of his mentor's mischievousness. Sir Alex Ferguson was talking Solskjaer's former team-mate Louis Saha up weeks before he off-loaded him to Everton in 2008 and often inflated a player's ego during a tete-a-tete only to deflate them by providing the dreaded news that they were dropped.
Hodnett claims that a crowd of 5,000 gathered to see him off but his attempt at a noble departure was foiled by the mischievousness of his horse, which promptly threw him off and "badly injured" him.
Beano has always encouraged kids (and many grown-ups!) to let their imagination and mischievousness run riot." The Dennis & Gnasher Fan Club has also been relaunched as part of the anniversary celebrations.
However, the knight is not tempted by this at all, pointing out the Princess's smelly feet, her disgusting bathing habits and her mischievousness with her grubby knickers.
Having read the book, I looked for references in the review to Dan's incessant joy, mischievousness and consistent presence to those with AIDS during the early years of so much neglect and suffering.
I adored her mischievousness, her glee, her manic expressiveness, her pure commitment as she hurled herself onto her bed and into doors as Judy Miller, the tiny hostess of a one-woman show who wore a glamorous half-slip on her head.
When will the Indian public learn to sift 'political mischievousness' out of historical events and maintain an impartial stand on such matters remains to be known!
Pamuk's mischievousness and playfulness are at a minimum, perhaps nonexistent.
Despite all the mischievousness, the late princess was a "very loving caring mother, and an incredibly funny person.
With the same shape as the original Vernis A Levres, the iconic bottle has what the brand describes as "a new black, rock and roll look--a nod to the mischievousness within." The new applicator, inspired by a slim-cut diamond, offers tiny striations that soak in the formula.