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A sense of playful adventure, mischievousness, naughtiness, the capacity to tease and not torture, to allure and not torment, to attract without holding captive.
To curb the repair cost for the schools due to such mischievousness, Lenovo got rid of the TrackPoint on the latest ThinkPad 11e.
DINNER BELL Haupt mentioned mischievousness, as have other cocker owners, so I asked him about it.
Sam Swann's wide-eyed Peter with his quiff perfectly captures the energy, and mischievousness of the boy who never wants to grow up.
Zelzelah (Earthquake in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu) was her childhood nickname, which was given to her because of her mischievousness while growing up.
Una voce poco fa" features brilliant, accurate ornamentation with her wonderful low chesty mezzo sound, nicely enhancing the mischievousness of the character.
Mischievousness, playfulness, and irreverence were noted as distinguishing features of the poets' work in the first preface, but were overshadowed by an emphasis on anxiety about language.
He didn't deny that judging a competition like best-dressed lady was very subjective, but he couldn't have made it any more clear that, as far as he was concerned, mild levels of fashion mischievousness were at play.
Whitaker captures moments of happiness and humor, mischievousness and creativity, boredom and fatigue - and, above all, the mania.
He said that the producing of such film which hurt the sentiments of Muslims is a condemnable step and such mischievousness is not acceptable.
The timing is perfect as visitors will be in time to discover a performer with a fair amount to talent, grace and a little dose of mischievousness.
Spiders: Busyness, hyperactivity, restlessness, quickness of movements, mischievousness, deceit, intrigue, dance, music, rhythm, colors.