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This is arguably a miscitation of Hussey, as the Massachusetts ease involved two petit jurors who had served on the grand jury that had indicted the defendants, rather than jurors who had explicitly expressed an opinion as to the defendant's guilt during voir dire.
But with regard to this charge, Gibson attended solely to his miscitation of Clancy and Kweskin (1971), to which he responded as follows: "And I do want to thank him [Dubow] for noting my correct citation, shared by Young, of Clancy's misquotation of his own paper.
The earliest miscitation seems to be by Young (1972) in her so-frequently-ever-since-cited JAR article, "Copy Testing without Magic Numbers," wherein she cited Clancy and Kweskin as reporting ".
In reply, he and his defenders disputed some of the examples proferred, dismissed all of them as irrelevant to his central arguments, denied that there was any design to his inaccuracies, and deplored the alleged bullying and biases of his assailants, Abraham nevertheless conceded that "hasty and niggardly note taking" and his unsure grasp of German while doing some of his research had led to so many "inexcusable" errors, "includ[ing] miscitations and incorrect identifications, imprecise translations, and, most seriously, paraphrases and interpolation mistakenly identified as full quotations," that a second edition was warranted.