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Administrator Verma responded, In terms of the misclassifications, I agree with you this has been a significant issue.
Phil Murphy signed an executive order in May to establish the Task Force on Employee Misclassification.
Noncompliance with the position guideline resulted in misclassification of 15 patients (7.4%) as prehypertensive, when, in fact, they were normotensive.
If an employer believes that a misclassification may exist, there are programs under which an employer can self-disclose the misclassification, cure any underpayments, and avoid penalties that an enforcement action would bring.
Misclassification and measurement error is well known to cause bias in estimation.
HB 512 represents an effort to level the playing field in a political environment both nationally and at the state level that supports a heightened enforcement of the misclassification of employees as independent contractors.
IRS Classification Programs May Reduce the Cost of Correcting Misclassifications
In the present study the misclassifications using PF to serum cholinesterase is higher than the study of Janmeja et al.
There were a total of 25 misclassifications made against all characteristics.
Mixed-integer programming models for the three-group classification problem (Gehrlein, 1986; Gochet, Stam, Srinivasan & Chen, 1997; Loucopoulos & Pavur, 1997) directly minimize the number of misclassifications in the training sample.
In a letter to the SEC, the bank said that the misclassifications were 'not related to any fraud or deliberate error.'