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In its review, OIG compared manufacturer-reported classifications for drugs to information in FDA files to identify drugs in the Medicaid rebate program that were potentially misclassified over the past five years.
What are the latest agreements or programs being used by the IRS, DOL, and the states to "find" misclassified employees
Keywords: Video face recognition, scatter, misclassified samples, clustering, hierarchical cascaded classifier
If the <2-ng/L threshold was used to rule out MI then when patients with initial hs-cTnI values <2 ng/L are misclassified to [greater than or equal to] 2 ng/L, those patients are not ruled out (e.
That payment was needed to settle claims brought by the workers who claim that they were misclassified as independent contractors and should have been considered FedEx employees.
And I argue that most critically is that those employees are being misclassified as subcontractors are subject to exploitation.
Light's criteria misclassified 3 transudates, while PF/S cholinesterase 1 transudates.
False Negative Rate (FNR) is the rate of the number of foreground pixels misclassified into background to the total number of foreground pixels in the ground truth image.
The investigation revealed the company misclassified 18 workers as independent contractors and paid the workers with company checks.
While some independent contractors are truly independent, high-paid professionals, working in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the New York financial industry, and enjoying the flexibility of their various relationships with the companies that give them assignments, many are low-paid workers who are misclassified as independent contractors (Barley and Kunda).
When misclassified, whole wheat bread crumb with white bran was almost invariably identified as refined flour bread crumb.
If employers misclassify their employees--as independent contractors, for example--they could find themselves not only facing sanctions under wage and hour laws, but costly penalties under the ACA of from $2,000 to $3,000 per misclassified employee.