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1984) study supports Jacoby and Hoyer's 1982 findings, adding that those of non-white race are also more likely to miscomprehend advertising stimuli.
consumers already miscomprehend advertising messages, are advertisers exacerbating this situation by using the various blurring techniques?
discovery equalizes the cost of producing evidence miscomprehends the
It also miscomprehends the nature of elective democracy.
More importantly, this argument miscomprehends the nature of the equal sovereignty principle.
The that is true" of Nora is a sarcastic remark which Helmer miscomprehends.
Thus, the TCP miscomprehends this event as serious congestion and drops the congestion window to 1, resulting in decreased throughput.
The identification of the dystopian genre with the gospel of utter destruction or with utter lack of hope for life's continuity is therefore a false identification which miscomprehends the artist's intention and the vocation of the dystopian work of art, which is to catalyze a transformation of reality.
Recently without language in any form, or so we are told, Caliban now speaks but neither reads nor writes; analphabetic, he miscomprehends what books are, how they work, the relationship of their outside to their inside.
8) Others have questioned this reading, arguing that it has no meaningful limits, (9) or that it simply miscomprehends Osborn.