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The petitioners challenge DU's decision to make structural changes in the education system by introducing a misconceived and illegal four-year programme," the petition said.
Things got tangled up with PM Gruevski's statement that parents of ethnic Albanian children misconceived this decision as well as OSCE's letter.
We believe that the decision to commence proceedings will, in due course, be shown to have been totally misconceived.
The increasing popularity of outsourcing has failed to debunk misconceived fears among IT managers on the security risks surrounding switching from in-house systems.
Whether or not the AWPC's cause is wrong-headed or misconceived is neither here not there, and if their activities are inconvenient or tiresome, the Secretary of State's shoulders are surely broad enough to cope.
Indian Club president Mohan Josiah said: "I appreciate the reader's interest in our activities but he is totally misconceived about our tournaments.
In the light of this critique, they suggest that much of the "knowledge" of special education is misconceived, and they proceed to advance a rationale for inclusion out of ideas about stakeholding, social justice, and human rights.
One implication of the findings is that some antidrinking campaigns may be misconceived.
Talk by such organisations as Ove Arup to scrap the project and build a 'Grand Central' station on Eastside are both mistimed and misconceived.
competitiveness, much of the whinging about the law is misplaced since CEOs at the time could have come forward publicly to affirm that business, on the whole, is an ethical enterprise, and that the law, particularly with respect to Section 404, was fundamentally misconceived.
The 'war on terror' is misconceived and bound to fail, says lawyer Philippe Sands in LAWLESS WORLD: AMERICA AND THE MAKING AND BREAKING OF GLOBAL RULES FROM FDR'S ATLANTIC CHARTER TO GEORGE BUSH'S ILLEGAL WAR.