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164) As was noted earlier, Professor Levine has warned that the hands-off rule can, if misapplied or misconstructed, "lead to a number of disturbing results.
Yet no principle of the Constitution has been more systematically ignored or misconstructed than this one, almost from the inception of the republic.
By urging black Americans to seek empowerment in a misconstructed Egyptian history, Afrocentrists not only mislead, opening their students to ridicule, but they also assert that culture is "transhistoric"--that is, it can be transferred through time and space intact.
pride, affection, nostalgia--that boosters associated with such misconstructed Native American symbols as Chief Illiniwek and the Miami Indian-head logo were clearly not felt about Native American people, as boosters often claimed.
This genealogy misconstructed the most outstanding figures from each generation into a line of fathers and sons, an error repeated in Phan Khoang's pioneering study, Viet Su: Xu Dang Trong 1558-1777.
With the help of twentieth-century scholars and editors, such writers may break free from the intertextual webs of eighteenth-century gentlemen: losing a bad name, Elizabeth Thomas helps us to understand how literary reputation may be misconstructed and revised.
We think that Professor Fetzer has somewhat misconstructed the target of our criticism [1].
It may be suggested that enhanced clarity is not likely to be gained by returning to a test (that of Lindley LJ in Allcard) that was misconstructed and which Lindley LJ did not develop beyond its bare assertion.